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Field Report- Night out at Strip Club

July 24, 2018

Last night on a whim I dropped 250 mg of THC edibles then drove to Spearmint Rhino to watch some sexy women dance.

The vibe was fire the chicks were really feeling me and touching me and I could just feel an energy like I was gonna win.

Long story short- applied everything I've learned from TRP to my interactions with the strippers. I was out simply to have a good time. I flirted and teased and touched them and escalated and everything I would've done at a night-club but way faster and with a bunch of one $ bills stuffed into their thongs.

Anyways I eventually take a sexy half-black stripper (8/10) to the VIP ($90 for 15 minutes). She takes my dick out. Offers to blow me for $200. I tell her "I only have $30" so she just starts jerking me off.

Here is where TRP kicked in. I'm getting jerked off by a stripper, but I realize she's still a chick. I've been running game and turning her on all night, so I just keep doing it. I keep touching her and rubbing her and kissing her tits and her neck and squeezing her butt and grazing my fingers over her pussy. She would not stop touching the callouses on my hands and rubbing my hands on her body. Not long before I have her moaning and dripping wet.

I ask "Can I put my face in your pussy?" She says "If you give me more $$$" I say "I don't have any more money" and I keep touching her. Her voice is thick and she says: "okay you can kiss it"

I immediately spread her legs out on the couch and get on my knees with my face in her pussy. I start kissing her pussy (and kind of sniffing around to make sure I'm not getting involved in something nasty) and she is delicious and clean. She says "you can eat me baby"

So I start eating her pussy for 20 minutes... till the bouncer literally tugged on the curtains and said "Bianca that's time" and she is spread eagle gasping and I have my face buried in her gorgeous pussy.

I put my dick away (I wasn't gonna come last night anyways, thanks to the 250 mg edibles) and she started to get up and get dressed but her body was trembling and her legs were shaky.

"You should be the one tipping me" I joked and smacked her on the ass.

When she eventually managed to get her clothes on she asked if she could give me her number and offered to meet up privately for an individual session.

Overall it was a great experience. 10/10, would do again.

Lessons Learned:

I focused on enjoying the vibe and just having a fun time. Results were good.

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[–]rookieMale7 points8 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Why are you gaming strippers after paying them btw ... And more imp why are you going down on them??

I don't think its a win for you in any situation

[–]Atuli3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

This dude just wrote an fr about eating out a stripper.

[–]ahmetsaka1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

No way this is not a troll

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