Summary: Various RedPill truths in action; Socially Seeding Your Neighborhood; Abundance Mentality; and of course, the benefits of Lifting...

Backgrounder: Found TRP roughly a year ago. Shook loose a bad situation last December. Serious lifting/monk mode Dec-Feb. Previous posts I talked about going out solo, lifting immediately before going out, socially "seeding" bars and restaurants if you're new to an area, peacocking, abundance mindset in action, etc... Please refer to those for a better backgrounder. Here are a few various takeaways/field reports covering Feb-Aug, 2015.

Feb: I was 2-3 months into Stronglifts 5 x 5 before I decided to really hit up the bar/club scene in my new city. Lifting helped my posture, attitude and overall mindset immensely. Getting serious about my diet/lifting routine was the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing that contributed to my initial successes and approaches. Confidence and hormonal balance (read: Testosterone Boost) go a long way, and not just with game either. I earned a promotion at a new job at 3 months, another at 6, and was recently promoted again at 9 months. I'm now considered "Senior Management" despite being there less than a year. Each promotion also included a substantial raise and next week I'll finalize a contract for the six figure salary I've always wanted. I've basically worked my way to the top of my organization in less than a year and again, a substantial key to my success has been my physical improvement. One of the many benefits of increased confidence and composure gained from physical exercise are perceived competence and respect gained from those around you. So honestly, the first benefits I saw were NOT in the game department but in my career. My game was developing during this time but still pretty rusty. I pulled a lot of numbers my first month out but rarely closed. I hadn't quite internalized a lot of aspects and was still just "toying" around with things. But at some point I realized I still wasn't aggressive enough and incorporated blunt honesty into my endgame around March.

Mar: March was blunt truth month. As in, at some point you have to take/tell exactly what you want.

  1. Pulled an HB8 from a neighborhood bar. Won over her friends and generally ignored her to start, then gave her that sudden dose of attention at the end of the night and literally saw her get an endorphin rush from my interest/escalation. Defense dropped at this point, friends were on my team, etc... so we go back to her place to "watch Netflix." Gets hot and heavy as soon as we step through the door until I get the "we can't have sex" line. I say "ok" but escalate. She repeats so I walk to the kitchen and call a cab and tell her it was nice meeting her but I'm leaving. Her: "So you're really leaving?" Me: "Yeah, I'm gonna go." (Gets down on knees and xyz from there). I was ready to walk out. I'll point out here that I'm 33, and my target range is 20-25. I think this one was 23-24.

  2. Walk up to a bar and see a blonde, 21-yr old HB7 sitting at the bar next to a group of friends. Step up next to her and order a drink and see she's eyeing me (peripheral). Decide to play her competitive side so I talk to the HB5 next to me to arouse her interest. Blonde HB7 then grabs my arm and starts in with "blah blah blah girl pick-up line." Again, I introduce myself and win her friends. Then tell them I'm taking her with me to another bar down the street. (Isolate) Have a drink there and check out every girl I see, flirt with the bartender so that blondie notices. Tell blondie we're leaving to meet up with her friends but before we do I look her in the eye, grab her by the back of the neck and get a nice, deep kiss. I tell her she looked like she had been wanting that. Her pupils are dilated and she melts into a gooey, submissive mess and cannot get enough of me. Friends arrive and say they all have to leave. I decide to tease so again, I walk with them for a bit then tell her it was nice meeting her but I'm leaving. I have a text less than 30 seconds after walking away and turns out she "has" to come home with me. Closed and plated.

  3. Social pre-selection definitely helped me out many times. I made it a point to have 1-2 drinks at a few places in my new city during the preceding months. I tipped well, didn't get drunk or cause trouble, chatted up the whole staff and always had a good story. This means when I walk in on the weekend I get a drink/handshake/smile/joke almost immediately. Chicks eat this shit up. Here was my typical scenario which happened again and again: Walk into one of my spots and order my usual (straight whiskey). Start to tease the HB7 bartender whom I built rapport with for a month or so. I don't even know how many times girls jumped into these conversations in order to get my attention, which was always my cue that they were interested. This was my opener. Every time. Took home 2 sisters one night who were in town for their grandmother's funeral with this opener. Closed with one and almost the other sister the next morning. Closed with a foreign exchange student this way. Closed with the maid-of-honor from a bachelorette party this way. I dunno how many others but probably 3-4 through social pre-selection game. Annnyway, see HB7 bartender out one night and she says she "knows I'm a player" and that I am "always with a new girl." I read these comments as a sign of interest and not criticism (Thanks TRP) so instead of playing it off I agree and amplify and of course, I take her home that night. Closed and plated.

I know I keep it vague but wanted this to be a topical thing and frankly don't have much time to write. As much as I'd like to go into more details about specific nights/chicks I just don't have the time. I'll gladly debate/provide details/answer questions when I can though so just drop me a line.


Overall Lessons Learned: TRP worked for me only when I internalized it and stopped tinkering with bits and pieces. Once I shifted from trying to apply a method to instead adopting the mindset, I had noticeable results.