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Fight, not flight

July 17, 2014

After seeing requests for examples, here is a post on learning how to navigate social situations with a dominant frame.

Consider your typical squirrel. The moment it senses danger, it rushes the nearest tree in a panic. All it cares about is getting to a position of security. A squirrel's mindset is by default to flee.

Consider the typical bear. Aloof. Slow to move. Unafraid until met with a serious threat, at which point it is ready to maul it to pieces if needed.

When you are surprised by social interaction, say, by a stranger interrupting you with a question, ask yourself, is your default mindset to blurt out the first thing on your mind, or to pause a second and evaluate before providing an answer? This is a common element with men who have always had poor social skills and know it. Their fear of social interaction creates panic when thrust into a social encounter, resulting in racing to get words out for fear of being seen as socially inept. In doing so they demonstrate that ineptitude. This is common with shorter/smaller men, particularly when being socially challenged by larger men.

The key to giving off an air of confidence when engaging in social encounters is to both speak slowly and to take a second before actually responding. For those learning to do this, you need to suppress that inner pang of panic and maintain your poker face. Over time it becomes entirely natural.

Consider the following scenario:

You're on a first date with a girl. She's attractive. Conversation is flowing, but out of nowhere she hits you with a shit test

Girl: "So how come you're still single?"

As a fledgling RP'er, the truth is that you've been a beta chump for many years, consistently striking out with girls. You don't want this girl to know that you've only recently picked up social dynamics

Wrong Response: Initial panic and nervous laugh "Um, well...I guess I'm still looking for the right girl"

Good Response 1: Slight smirk, pause a second "Why are you still single?"

Good Response 2: Slight smirk, pause a second "I'm still waiting on my mail order bride to come in"

The reality is, in life you will always be thrust into situations that procure initial panic. Maybe you got caught in a lie. Maybe one of your plates discovered the existence of the others. The trick to handling all of these scenarios is to calm that initial fear and not show any hint that it has affected you. Hide any tells that your face may reveal. Women take the shape of the container set for them; if you maintain frame by displaying a calm demeanor, she cannot escalate it into the crisis that she wants it to be.

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