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First post syndrome

July 13, 2015

About one to four months after finding the red pill, a lot of you young bucks have a bad idea.

"My eyes are open now", you say to yourselves. "I can see now that it is all about being Alpha. I need to do what Alphas do, and then I will be Alpha. Alphas are teachers and leaders. I will become Alpha by teaching and leading."

"I will make a post!"

"Errr... let's see now... what am I going to say?"

Usually the result contains:

  • Platitudes.
  • Vague encouragement.
  • The words "brothers" or "gentlemen".
  • Nothing of value to anyone.

Well, "brothers", "gentlemen", let me remind you of something. TRP does not have democratic values. It is probably the first community with non-democratic values that you have ever lived in. It is this way because democracy, specifically the kind of fetishized democracy that insists that everyone's voice has equal value and weight, and that every voice needs to be heard... well, that's what fucked up the social order so bad we needed to invent TRP.

Your opinion is not valuable just because it's your opinion. Your voice does not need to be heard just because it's yours. You do not have the right to waste people's time to because you want to see yourself in print.

Every time I write something, you are doing me favour by reading it. You are giving me something you have a fixed amount of, and will never get any more of... your time. And either I repay that favour by making what you get worth your time, repay it so much that I've done you a favour by giving you something that was worth far more than your time, or I fail to repay the favour by wasting your time with words of little worth.

Either you either profit by reading, you break even, or you lose. Which one do you think would make me a teacher, and a leader of men?

Resist the impulse to speak because you want to be the guy speaking. The path to being a quality speaker is to wait until you have something you are burning to say. Something that has blown your mind and everyone else needs to hear it. Something that repays the precious gift of their time. Yes, it's a problem that RPS has to sticky something saying "Don't post pablum", but writing pablum isn't good for you, either. If you don't have insights or experiences you are burning to write about, then lurk, learn, and practice until you do. Ultimately, TRP is about the quality of your life, not the size of your metaphorical internet penis.

You do not need to see yourself in print to prosper.

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