Summary: Fitness goes beyond just having a better body than you had before,It represents hard work, and a psychological war in your head.

Hey guys, first off I want to start off by thanking my brothers. I've been "Unplugged" since early March, and I am absolutely loving being freed. Although I still have my moments, I am now at the point where I come before anything.

As you some of you guys know, I'm really into the lifting part of self improvement. I have been a gym rat since i was about 14 years old, until I let depression, oneitis, and my own laziness sideline me. I am currently on a cutting cycle and decided to try something I've never done before: Intermittent Fasting. On paper that sounds awful, and initially it felt awful, but i pushed through it. I went 28 Hours, without eating ANYTHING. All i drank was water, and precisely one cup of Orange juice. Mind you, I lifted throughout this whole ordeal. I never stopped my workouts. Some people will say it is unhealthy, some will say its dangerous. My response? GOOD. My body had to kick into overdrive, and I was pushing through on sheer will alone. The will to take control over every aspect of my body and my mind. Fitness taps into your mind. Fitness is a building block to inner confidence. I maintained Frame with my own self, when i literally felt myself going down. I calmly whispered to myself "So What?". I maintained frame throughout these 28 hours of hell. A guy parked WAY to close to me after work, I had to climb through on the passenger side, in 105 degree weather. I said to myself "So What?" I shattered my brand new iPhone 6 screen on concrete. Instead of getting mad, I told myself "So What?" A guy driving on the interstate slammed on his brakes and I ended up rear ending him unexpectedly , while slamming on my brakes. We both got out shook hands, and laughed at the situation. No damage so why be shaken? "So What?" My point being, you control your frame and your mind. Fitness does not get the credit it deserves as being a building block of frame, confidence, and sheer desire.

Lessons Learned 1.) Fitness Is much more than a great body 2.) Subconsciously Dedicating yourself to a diet or workout regime, helps build confidence and frame. 3.) Reassuring yourself that you can handle situations, and maintain frame in stressful situations helps you more long term.