For those who are still experiencing Red Pill Rage.

June 11, 2018

This is a comment I made to a post of a new TRP user who was enraged from the experience of a cheating girlfriend. I thought it useful for all those who may not have seen it.

“Sounds like you may still be in pain, which is part of unplugging. We all had to go through it at one point or another.

There are 5 stages of TRP.

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

I completed my five stages a long time ago, and this is the lesson I've learned:

Women are not inherently evil.

They are doing what they think is best, truly and genuinely. And as men, we do what we think is best, as well.

Just as men detest women of obesity, women are repulsed by weak and needy men. This is nature at work, and is an unbiased, objective way of looking at reality.

You put a lot of effort into that relationship, overtly so. But that happens to blue pill men in love.

TRP is not about hating women. It's not machiavellian, spiteful, or even biased. TRP is about sexual strategy, improving relationships, and providing emotional and physical satiation for both parties involved.

Women crave love. Men crave to give it.

TRP rage is unpleasant, but time will eventually cool it down. Don't fight the emotions. Let them flow through you.

Yes, you may have fucked up. Yes, you may have exhibited very unattractive behaviors. But you did the best you could with what you knew. That's all one can ever do.

There's something about the excruciating pain that transmutes a man's energy into a masculine essence. It manifests into your face, demeanor, your posture, your expectations. It's like coming back from military boot camp. A complete transformation.

From here, once the rage is gone and acceptance is embraced, love is possible again. You are aware of your nature, and you are aware of hers. It is like starting over with a clean slate, but with all the knowledge necessary for a successful relationship. You will love and trust her regardless knowing that someday, somehow, the relationship will end. Be it through loss of interest, cheating, or death, it will end. You will love and trust her because this is the foundation for a healthy and successful relationship, but you will implement TRP as your secret ingredient to the cement, all while being aware that she may very well cheat on you anyway. And when it ends (and it will), you will simply feel a sting of pain and say "of course".

Your love for this new woman will not be feminine as before. It will transcend into masculine love, which is the strongest form of human love, and lies at the top of the love hierarchy.

Men love women. Women love children. Children love puppies.

Embrace the pain; it will be over before you know it.”

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