Fourth Generational Warfare: How Women Are Being Weaponized Against You And What You Can Do About It

September 18, 2020

The sexual marketplace is currently in the midst of the largest transition since the launch of Tinder in 2012, and absolutely nobody here is talking about it. Why? Because as of today in 2020 the Red Pill is filled with autists. Autism is characterized by difficulty understanding social context and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. Autists want to autistically repeat clichés ad nauseam, in an effort to convince themselves and everyone around them, that they get it. Unfortunately, it is rapidly changing, and what worked in 2005 and 2010 is not what works today. It's in everyone's best interest that we the Red Pill stop pretending that nothing has changed since the Red Pill's founding, so we can provide useful up-to-date advice and get our nerd-virgins laid, which let's be honest is harder than ever before.

Back in 2012 when the Red Pill first got started things weren't good or normal but sexually speaking they were better than they are now. Back in the day, all you had to do to get laid was take a picture of your abs in a dirty gym mirror and right swipe all the girls with low self-esteem, which was all of them. It was as easy as shooting father-less fish in a barrel. Back before Netflix was synonymous with pedophilia you could use the low effort line: Netflix and Chill. Or you could just say something wild like: Ay girl call me Rambo cuz I'ma be in your Vietnamese tunnel. Órale puta, cruise on over and slurp my horchata. Or you could drop a real bomb like: I can make your black life matter. Women were way less on edge about political correctness and if they got buttmad, you could just remind them of who was in charge of the country. Girl calm your tits, the president is black and the first lady is a tranny. What more do you want anyway? Then she would agree with you and drive over to gargle your man-batter. Those were the good old days.

To understand the glacial shift that took place in the sexual marketplace we first need to get to the root political cause. Unfortunately, this presents a stumbling block for the Coomers Zoomers and Boomers here who are too shortsighted to navigate the is-ought destinction and insist that's sexual strategy isn't political/ideological. While I agree that sexual strategy ought not to be political and pre-2010 it wasn't to a meaningful degree. In 2020 sexual strategy is political, in the same way football is now political and preventing arsonists from burning your property is now political. Feminists have been saying "The Personal is Political" since the 1970s however back then the middle class had better things to do than to listen to chunklers, wierdos and scolds. Fast forward to 2010 when the widespread adoption of the smartphone created a direct propaganda pipeline straight into women's malleable impressionable minds.

By 2020 years of non-stop misinformation and psychological warfare have eroded the conventions of modern man and twisted reality into such hideous shapes that the face of truth can no longer be discerned by most. Reality has been promoted to the rank of imposter and replaced by hyperreality. It's an aberration rampaging through the byways of people's minds and directing them on a collision course with mass delusion and insanity, creating a resonance loop that negates any negative feedback. The only things that remain tenable are base feelings and the instant gratification of intoxication. This process creates a schizophrenic who lives to consume new products and identities, and quickly discards old products and old identities.

The weaponization of NPCs for political ends via propaganda is a well-documented tactic known as Fourth Generational Warfare. Notable examples include Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, and what's currently happening right in America culminating sometime in January. The reason why this concerns us here at the Red Pill is that the same tactics are used by the media and education systems to weaponize women against men. Females are the perfect target for psyops because females never really grow into adults, they just grow tits. Effectively there are two kinds of shit tests: organic shit tests, which are a normal part of intersexual dynamics and inorganic shit tests which are ideas implanted into a woman's childlike susceptible brain to create conflict and division in order to destabilize a relationship. Notable examples include Murder Porn for housewives, Divorce Porn, Gender Wage Gap, Affirmative Consent, ¼ women were raped, MeToo, Pussy Hat marches, ВLМ black square posting. Women are conditioned by ideological state apparatuses to pull the rug out from under their husbands and sons so that they will be too weak to challenge the establishment.

This brings me to my conclusion.

Conservative moralizing does nothing to stop the psychological warfare being waged against Western civilization, and only serves to make it more effective. Conforming to the values of a degenerate society will only make you a slow predictable target. The only viable solution to a psyop is running your own counter psyop. If you are a dull Devin or boring Brad, the women in your life will be psyop-ed out from under you in your own domestic version of a color revolution. George Soros will mind warp the women in your life and will be inflicting cock and ball torture by proxy. If you don't want George Soros playing with your cock and balls via a Smartphone-addled NPC, you need to be able to set the narrative in your own household.

I’ve mentored thousands of men through fitness and philosophy coaching, here are a few of their experiences in their own words. You can contact me through that link or shoot me a PM if interested.

The world is rapidly changing. If you want to come out on top you should use this time to get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically. I’ve created a public Telegram channel, an uncensorable fortress, for my spiciest content that you won’t find on Reddit.

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