TLDR: A girl wants me to be her sex teacher, pulls a major shit-test in the middle of it, and I discover she’s about to lose her virginity with me. Also, I record everything on video.

I had met this girl Camila off Tinder, and on the second date I had taken her to my place. 30 years old, big tits but average face, average body, nothing to write home about – a 5. Personality wise, she was nice and no shit tests, but kind of annoying. When I took her home, she was bad at giving head, we tried to have sex but she started bleeding from the get go and we stopped, and she finished me off with a weak handjob. I soft-nexted her, telling her she was too inexperienced in bed (I should have also told her was only a freaking 5, but this is why it’s called a soft next, not a hard one).

After that she kept on writing me, I could tell she really liked me, but I made it clear that I wasn’t into her. After a couple of weeks she writes again, saying that she knows what she wants me for (her wording, not mine! The entitlement was funny), and that she wants to use me just for sex, to gain experience. That I will be her sex teacher. Funny thing is, she told me she got this idea while on a date with another tinder guy, to whom she talked for hours about me and about her lack of experience, and that he acted as her psychologist. I asked her if she had sex with him to get some needed experience, she said no because he was boring –poor beta chump.

Anyway, I don’t agree right away, which really surprises her. She thought that offering NSA sex would be enough to see me again. I think about it, I have two regular plates that I really like and I don’t have time to waste on a 5, but I could have some fun… And a day later I reply and I state my conditions: 1) she must agree to everything I ask, and 2) I want to record it on video. She says yes. After that she keeps on writing to me, and now she only refers to me as ‘teacher’, and I refer to her as ‘student’. She’s eager and she’s asking when we will meet, but I’m busy. Finally after a few days, I write: tomorrow at my place at 7pm. I tell her to wear a short skirt, tights and boots. A bit later she responds that she found her old uniform skirt from high school. Perfect.

The day of the date I am home early, clean up a bit, I made sure to charge my camera in the morning to have battery for the video, etc. She arrives, all according to plan, leather boots, short skirt, kind of over the top lacy tights, some cleavage to display her boobs, and a fake pearl necklace. You can tell she’s not really used to dressing sexy, and she’s obviously very, very nervous. I pour ourselves a vodka cocktail, and she starts talking about her day in an attempt to cool down, while sipping very slowly on her drink. Me, I’m very calm and amused, she’s 30 years old but I feel I have a kid in front of me. She’s really too slow at sipping her drink and is still very nervous, so I command her to stand up in front of me, tell her to lift her skirt, and I pull down her panties and put them in my pocket. She resists a little bit, saying not yet, that she just wants to talk, etc. I had a feeling it wouldn’t go so smooth, so I remind her firmly that she wrote to me about having just sex, and the conditions were that she would obey all my commands. I sit her down, and I don’t touch her now naked pussy. I want the anticipation to sink in, I want her to go from nervousness to excitement. She is next to me on the sofa, she keeps on slowly sipping the cocktail, keeps on talking about her day. Now she wants me to hold her, to kiss her. I say not yet, that I’ll kiss her after she finishes her glass. She begs me to kiss her, I kiss her on the neck, bite her shoulders. I put my hand under her skirt, yep, she’s totally wet. But no kiss. She makes a whining sound, says I treat her bad, etc. Finally she finishes her glass bottom-up, and she gets her reward kiss. Good, now she’s not nervous anymore. We kiss and caress for a while, and then I tell her we’re gonna start the class. “Get on your knees”, I tell her. She says no, she just wants to cuddle. I insist, I said this is what you wanted, this is what you wrote to me, just sex, and you wrote to me that you accepted my conditions. But she says she’s dizzy because she’s not used to drink (she had one fucking glass!), that she doesn’t remember what she wrote (yeah right..). I realize that she never intended to have just sex, she just used it as a way to get closer to me again, and she’s trying to bail out of the conditions. Major, cunning, shit test. I’m pissed, because right now I could be plowing one of my two plates who are twice as hot as her.

I stand up, and tell her that this is bullshit, I am not one to be lied to, that she remembers very well what she wrote. I tell her I don’t have time to play games with a kid, and that I am taking her home. She begs and whines, I go open the door. She refuses to leave, I tell her either you go with me right now, or you go by yourself. She says she suddenly remembers everything we agreed one (haha how strange), that she will obey now. I tell her that anyway I’m not really in the mood anymore. The thing is, I’m not faking it. I’m not in the mood anymore, and I want her to leave. I realize I may be wasting my time, and she’s average looking anyway. She begs me for another chance. I tell her go sit on the couch, while I stay by the door, browsing my phone, thinking. She calls me, I respond “stay quiet!” as I would to a small girl that has misbehaved. Finally I decide that I can still have fun and get a cool video out of it. I come back to the couch.

Now she responds to each of my commands, no questions asked. I tell her to get on her knees, she does. She’s still pantyless, her panties are in my pocket. I tell her to unzip my pants, teach her to stroke my cock, tease her because she does it bad. I kiss her and challenge her to keep the stroking rhythm during the kiss, which she has a very hard time doing. After a while, I teach her to suck me, again she’s not really good, but she’s eager to learn. I position her mouth, give her tips. She gets a bit better. She’s not gonna be a good sucker.. Now, we’re ready for the video. The camera is in my room (we’re on the sofa in the living room). I could go up and get it, but I want to test her commitment to this. I tell her: ”go to my room, there is a camera on the stand. Near the stand, its battery is charging. Bring both back here”. She does. Good girl. I start recording her, she tells me that she will kill me if anyone sees this. I tell her of course, it’s just for me (it’s true), and I tell her to look the camera in the eye while she sucks. We keep at it for a while, I get good footage for what I call my personal retirement spank bank. Then it’s time to give her comfort: I pull her near me, give her long, passionate kisses, and we cuddle a bit. I get her to talk about her past experiences, she mentions she has very little. She was in two LTRs but the first one was crazy religious and they couldn’t have sex. The second one, an Italian one she had told me about, apparently fucked everyone but her. I realize now I am in front of a 30-years old virgin!. I had no clue. I ponder about what to do, in the past in similar situations I have declined, but in this case I honestly think that at her age, the best for her it to just fucking do it, and that I’m probably the best she’ll ever have. I take her to my room, I am still videotaping everything. She tells me that although she’s hurting, I should not stop (like I stopped the previous time). That’s exactly what I do, I pound her good so the route will be definitely opened now, and while she is bleeding profusely and crying I don’t stop. After a while I can feel the crying is mixed with something different, and I can feel the condom is sliding through less blood and more moisture. I did my duty. I come, and we cuddle for a long time, I give her some advices about where to go from here, I want her to have a fond memory of her first time. Me, I have to change the blood-covered sheets as a plate is coming tonight.

Lessons learned You can command a woman (get on your knees, go get the camera) and give her comfort (cuddle and share an emotional bond). Find the right calibration and you will assert dominance. Also, if she likes you enough, she will go along with absolutely anything.