Summary: I flirted with a girl's friend and incited jealousy without even knowing it.

So last night I hung out with two girls. Lets call them S and N. I don't want to give out real names. We drank a couple things of alcohol and hung out at the park near my house. The main girl was someone I had been sexting over snapchat for a while now and she asked me to be her first. S. She's a virgin, and of course, who better to be her first then someone who doesn't put her on a pedestal like most guys my age? So, I obliged.

But she brought her friend, N. Who, is also attractive and more experienced with her sexuality than S. We met up at the pool at an apartment building (I guess the gates were open and they snuck in? Then when I showed I didn't even get to swim; security kicked us out.)

We then headed to the park to hang out. I'm not gonna say we drank any alcohol, but I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions. S & N are like polar opposites. S is more nervous and shy about her sexuality, while N is totally comfortable.

So, N got up onto my lap and we made out a little bit, because S was being really distant towards me this night. She wouldn't come sit by me when I asked and seemed way too nervous. I kept telling S she doesn't have to be nervous, I'm just a guy. And N was even telling us to make out. But S was just so nervous.

The issue here is, I ended up being pretty attracted to her friend, possibly more than S herself.

The cold hard truth is, N and I hit it off more than S and I ever have. As I was walking them both home, I gave N a piggy back ride and even felt her up.

Fast forward to the aftermath, and now, S is messaging me telling me "I could have made out with her", "Could have touched her", "Cuddled her". Snapchatting pictures of her friend N telling me I can have her.

S is more interested in me than she was before. I guess pre-selection is a powerful thing.

The weird thing is, I wasn't doing it on purpose. I told S I'm simply flirty with everyone and not to get jealous. I wasn't intentionally "dread gaming" but looking back on last night, the lightbulb in my head tells me thats exactly what I was doing, on purpose or not.

Lessons learned: After taking the Red Pill, I follow the controversial advice on here without even knowing. It's just who I am now.