Summary tldr

Girlfriend for 3 years. Lived together for 2. Thought she wouldn´t need material support as her BB was really her father. AWALT, so even despite she didn´t need it decided to go to CC despite not knowing she´s already 30 and she´ll hit the wall soon.


I met this girl through a true female friend. They went to university together, and told me she was a really nice girl. Saw her a few times, fucked and she started to have feelings for me, so I dumped her. She was heartbroken, but didn´t bother me at all with anything. After a few weeks, decided to see her again as we had a good time / sex together, and ended up having feelings for her too.

She comes from a good family, but I didn´t know they were millionaires. Her father, a 5'5 man, is an uneducated (didn´t finish high school) self made millionaire due to hard work and good decisions. He owns with only one partner a company that builds bridges, artificial lagoons, roadworks and stuff like that... I mean, hundreds of big machines and stuff, but started with only one. He married a beautiful woman, a decade younger, more than 30 years ago and they are still together. He wasn´t a millionaire back then, but still above average and always paid for everything.

Had a son, a two girl twins. One of the twin girls is my ex girlfriend. She was almost 27 when we started dating, professional and had a shitty average job. I was 26, lawyer and self made without any help, from a middle class family (father owns a taxi, mother is housewife). I don´t have money, but can afford living alone in a trendy neighbourhood and travel the world two months per year.

At first, despite not knowing about TRP, I told her I didn´t share the idea of me paying for everything and that I wanted an independent woman, not a housewife or someone that would depend on me. She agreed, she had dreams and wanted to have a future on her own. Reality fact: her earnings covered her basics, but every single thing she wanted Daddy covered her. Wanna go to Europe for a month? Ok, Daddy pays. Want a new computer and camera? Ask Daddy. New shoes, handbag? Daddy. That worked for me. I got to pay for my share when travelling, and she came with me "paying for her stuff" (Daddy, really).

As this worked, we had a healthy relationship and she didn´t depend on me, she moved to my place. We lived together for two years. Now I know I turned beta with time... didn´t keep my value, tried to hide when other women found me attractive, didn´t play dread game at all, was always faithful and a sure thing for her, avoided drama at all costs and sometimes lost frame due to not willing to argue with stupid things. Anyway, always mantained my frame regarding economy and important stuff, to the point that my last answer always was "you don´t like it? There´s the door, leave".

With time, she started "demanding" little things. She thought I was not a good boyfriend because I ALWAYS made her pay her share, and demanded her part of the rent and bills. With time, she only paid rent and minimal stuff, and everytime I had to ask her to pay was a nightmare.

My reasoning? She still gets to do everything she wants, as her dad pays. If I pay for her all year round, I wouldn´t even get to travel as much... and she would travel alone, anyway, if I can´t go. Selfish bitch, tell your dad to pay for the rent if you don´t want to pay!!! Don´t ask for new electronics or stuff, ask for him to pay the rent and food! But no. Impossible.

We had a planned travel to Japan, Singapore and SEA, ending in a few cities in USA before returning home. We both paid our part. She asked for a flight seat upgrade later, because her knees bothered her. I told her I woulnd´t pay a lot of money for something that was not worth it, and btw, I had 4 knee injuries and was recovering from the last one... so telling me HER knees hurt? Come on. Selfish bitch asked daddy for the upgrade anyway... only for her, of course. We ended up travelling in separate seats.

The second day home, we ended our relationship. Despite all the shit she did, it was still her who "was not feeling the same" which meant "I turned you mostly into a beta, but couldn´t turn you into my daddy replacer to pay for me". She´s 30 already. Came back to her parents home. I stayed with the apartment, of course, as everything here was mine and was here first. Now, she´s riding the CC again as she didn´t when she was young... the only problem, is that she´ll hit the wall soon (she looks 18 tbh, but that won´t last forever!). I´m glad I got rid of her. What would happen if I marry her? She would have lost her right to ask daddy for money, because now I was supposed to be the provider. That´s how things work in her BP family.

AWALT. Even if they have the money and resources, and when they openly tell they think we´re equal and don´t want us to pay in the beginning, in the end, AWALT.