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FR: Buying a house (not a pickup story but TRP relevant anyway)

September 21, 2017

I put an offer on a house a few days ago. Seller was a single woman. I am, obviously, male. There was a 2nd offer, same money. My agent, at my direction, let the other agent know I was willing to sweeten the pot and raise my offer some as the property was a bit underpriced to start.

The response we received was the other offer was from a woman, they were accepting the woman's offer because the seller didn't want to sell to a man. My agent (whose worked this area for 30+ years) says he's never heard anyone tell him anything like that before, and is shocked.

Did it piss me off? A little, but I didn't let it get me down. I just shrugged it off and basically said there's our lovely feminist society in action. Told the agent to just find me more places to check out.

Lesson - you have a penis, therefore, a very large portion of the population has been programmed to think it's okay to be nasty to you because you have a penis. Even other bearers of penises. You need to be prepared for this shit, understand the gloriousness of having a penis will also bring some things your way that are not fair, and not let it get to you. When it happens, just move on, understand people like the cunt selling the house will make their own karma, and don't get bitter.

It's rough out there fella's, develop some thick skin.

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