[FR] Female coworkers around the water cooler

November 23, 2017

So I'm at work shooting the shit with a few female coworkers. They know I'm single so one of them suggests that I need to get on Tinder, "I met my husband on Tinder!" The conversation moves to online dating now.

One of them starts to regale us with a story of her male friend who matched with a woman on Tinder and they set up a first date. On the way to the date, the woman texts the guy and says something to the effect of.. "I lied about my pictures/identity, they're older photos and I've gained some weight or I used someone else's photos, if you don't want to meet me now I understand." (I can't recall the exact scenario but you get the drift.)

The guy is already at the bar and I guess he says to her OK and decides to meet with the woman anyway . When she shows up, she actually is the attractive woman in the Tinder profile and was shit testing him for his reaction.

My female coworkers start awww'ing that Prince Charming was still willing to meet up with her and passed the test with flying colors in shades of blue.

They then turn to me and ask, OP what would YOU have done??? I tell them I'd wait to see what walked through the door just out of morbid curiosity and immediately reject them no matter who it was, and especially if it was the attractive woman in the Tinder photos. Why would any self respecting man want to start dating a woman under such deceptive conditions before even physically meeting? I stop myself there as I know I'm about to go full red pill.

They just look at me dumbfounded as if I had a dick growing out of my forehead.

Bbb..but OP, you passed the test! You've proven yourself worthy and now you get the opportunity to court this wonderfully beautiful woman!!

Fucking AWALT man.

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