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FR - Flying by the seat of my pants

November 5, 2015

So it's been a while since my last FR... I actually wrote this one a while back, months ago, and then forgot about it. I stumbled across it when checking some old unfinished pieces I'd been putting together. This one reminded me just how important non-verbal communication is. Aura, exchanged looks and dominant presence, used to achieve an extremely rapid escalation. So here you have it.

I was driving overnight to visit a friend. (It's a good way to avoid traffic.) Decided to stop at a services to stretch my legs and get a coffee. I'm not looking my very best, my hair is a bit of a mess but my style is still very unique so I tend to still get some looks anyway. If I just did basic t-shirt and jeans, I don't get the looks. Cultivate your own unique style gentlemen and you'll get noticed for it. So I head for the coffee shop and order my coffee to sit in. There's barely anybody around, the place is almost deserted except for a couple of people eating at the burger king.

The petite chick who served me is very much the definition of a butterface. Looks early 20s, face is about 4 or 5/10 but she had a banging body 8/10 and her uniform couldn't hide the distinct hourglass shape and big perky tits. I'm not even thinking about gaming this chick, so I just wait in silence and read the scrolling news on the big screen telly. All of a sudden, she engages me in conversation, wants to know what I've been up to. Now banging this chick was not on my mind at all, but I'm used to running a very lazy style of game (I don't go out of my way to approach, I let the situation dictate the terms of engagement for me which allows me to achieve a much higher conversion rate than a PUA - I waste a lot less time and focus on myself)... as a result of this style of game, it tends to flow more naturally and makes me much more reactionary which has helped me to improve my ability to identify signals and read between the lines. If you want to practice this, then just put in less effort and start analysing more for signs. Care less about whether you bang her while you're learning. So this chick keeps stealing glances at me, some of which were certainly not looking for my face/eyes. So I indulge the conversation and talk some bullshit about being a model and getting back from an exhausting shoot.

She ate this up and was interested and asked more questions. (Seriously, me... a model. I am nowhere near good looking enough to be a model... but chicks will eat whatever bullshit you give them if they're into you. You can use stupid shit like this to test her.) It's at this point I decide I'm going to game her, throwing a quick neg about her hair being disgusting at the moment. She laughs and shoots me a smile and some eye contact. She serves my coffee and I use the chance to do some intentionally "accidental" kino. (Get that psychological barrier broken.) She asks if there's anything else she can do for me and I tell her I'll let her know. Walk off, don't look back and go enjoy my coffee. She cleans up and glances in my direction now and again. I'm busy on my phone browsing stuff while I drink my coffee and plan my next move.

With the coffee finished, I head back over to her and ask where the gents is. She tells me, but I tell her she should show me instead. She's hesitant and I point out there's nobody here to serve except me and "I require your service." (Note: If my SMV wasn't high enough, that would have come across as weird or creepy, but because my SMV is high enough, it's cute flirting.) Cheeky grin with that and she's smiling ear to ear, then comes bouncing out through the door at the side. At this point I'm pretty sure she's a little confused but also intrigued. Add some casual kino as she comes to lead the way. (Back of hands touching, arms touching, simple casual stuff when you're in her space.) I push her gently on the small of her back saying "lead on" as a way to estimate and see if there's any negative signs. None.

So we get round the corner, literally like a 20 second walk. It was truly pointless from a rational perspective, but I needed to move her to a position where I could escalate properly. There's nobody about, so I just open the disabled toilet door and say "after you." Her eyes go wide and she covers her mouth to try and hide her big smile in a slightly coy, cute way. Extended eye contact from me that she keeps breaking, she's just rooted to the spot. Probably thinking "is this really happening?" She tells me that she can't and I just continue to give her the "I'm going to fuck you senseless" look with a smirk. So I don't break eye contact and step forward and take her wrist. Then make a bit of a show of looking around and seeing nobody. I smirk and then tug her wrist gently and she follows me inside. No words. Close and lock the door and she's got her hands all over me immediately and is practically ripping at my shirt.

Not a huge amount of foreplay, but while she's sucking my dick I pick up my jacket and thank my past self for putting the couple of condoms in my wallet. Always make sure you've got some condoms on you guys. - And make sure you take the time to get condoms that fit properly, it will improve the experience immeasurably.

Anyway, we're all done and I tell her to wait inside until I knock on the door. I'll just stand outside checking my phone if anybody is around, and when the coast is clear I'll knock on the door. I don't want her to get sacked for having fun with me and giving in to the tingles. So I check the coast is clear, knock on the door and leave.

I think this FR is particularly useful to guys because you should note how little I actually said to her. Most of that was identifying opportunities and making the small escalations I could within the circumstances... most of which were heavily between the lines. Pure non-verbal communication won the day. Practice your non-verbal communication, prepare yourself to react as things develop. Sexual desire can't be negotiated, if it's there then it is there and you may act on it. If it's not, then it's not and you can't act. This was purely flying by the seat-of-my-pants and helping her into a position where she could let go to her urges without her social status being in question. Check the attraction, then escalate, use escalation as a double check and just lead her into a position where she can throw rationality out the window in favour of sexual desire. I still don't know her name and she doesn't know mine. Desire is the only thing that was important here. Probably fulfilled a fantasy of hers too... and nobody else knows except me... and probably her friends. And now you too.

EDIT: This also reminded me of a talk I watched about a year ago by Liam McRae on Rapid Escalation which is very relevant to this discussion. Take what you like from it. I'm nothing new, guys have been learning to spot the signs and escalate for years if the desire is there.

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