TL;DR: Gave the girl I'm seeing a gift wrapped bag of skittles for funsies. Hilarity ensued. Rough sex followed.

Body: Came across the beta switch technique on CH the other day, and decided to try it out on a girl I've been fucking almost everyday for the last three weeks -- in conjunction with being "The Skittles Man."

Went to my local Walmart and bought a small bag of skittles ($1). Went over to my dad's place and quickly gift wrapped it using his left over Christmas wrapping paper. Stuck a nice bow on it for added beta effect.

Drove over to her place and told her I had a surprise. She's been hinting that she feels I'm too selfish and that I probably value her only for sex. This is true, but what better opportunity to try out the beta switch game?

Told her that our time together has been wonderful and that I enjoy spending time with her. Although she seemed happy at my display of affection, I could tell by her eyes she was on the verge of hard cringe.

Asked her to close her eyes. Told her I spent all day shopping for the perfect gift at the mall. Said that I wanted to find the perfect gift that would show her just how I feel about her. Added that I even got the assistance from the sales girl at Tiffany's to search for the perfect gift.

With her eyes closed, she held out her hand in anticipation. I slowly pulled out the skittles bag and gently placed it in her hand. Told her her to open her eyes and said "I hope you like it babe," with stare of a beta looking deep into her eyes. Wondering just as to what it could be, she quickly tore off the wrapping paper.

There was a slight pause. Her mind was spinning. She didn't know what to extrapolate from any of this.

"Really?" she asked, with a slight grin.

With a dumfounded poker face look I replied, "...nice right?"

"Is this what you think of me? A bag of skittles??"

" mean you don't like skittles?"...."I'm not sure if I can date you now."

Grinning hard, she leaned in and gave me a smooch. "You're so silly!"

I took the bag of skittles from her and took out the red ones; my favorites. She attempted to snatch them away from me but I wrestled her which led to sex on the couch -- rough being my modus operandi.

Lesson learned: The beta switch works.