FR: I'm a dumbass

July 18, 2018

I had some early success with TRP. I read the sidebar. I understood the concepts. I (thought) I internalized it. I did not.

Today I ended up in a girl's apartment reassuring her that she didn't need to feel badly about herself. I will never let myself be that BP cuck ever again. I am writing this here because I think that its important for all of us to recognize that sometimes after our first injection of TRP it is very easy for it to slowly wear off as we get overconfident. I was overconfident in my ability to hold frame and my command of non-exclusivity/the plate approach.

I'm sure you've all heard every story under the sun so I'll keep this quick. Meet girl. Take her to a brewery where I know the owner and a lot of the employees and a lot about the process. Generally seem knowledgeable and socially connected. Great, "alpha"-esque status assumed. Realized that I was taking too much of a sniper approach with this one, ignored signs. She aggressively tries to lock down a commitment from me, won't give up any sex. Gets angry when I withdraw my attention. At this point I should have fucking walked away. But the dumbass in me tried to placate her. And so I got shafted by my own stupidity. And ended up being an emotional tampon for a few hours. Realized it. Never going back to that place.

Lessons learned:

We live surrounded by the feminine matrix and it is so easy for us to get sucked back in and manipulated. I had some early success with easier to handle women and thought I was hot shit. I went for it and fucking crashed and burned. In some ways, TRP is a permanent awakening but on some level it just can't stick unless you commit to it every day. I lapsed.

When you make a mistake like this, never forget the feeling of being utterly outmaneuvered by a woman and tricked into a BP mold. It stings, but its the only way I'll remember never to fuck up again.

Bitches ain't shit. Hopefully I won't forget it this time.

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[–]alphatom633 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Yeah when she demands commitment, get out of there. She will either not bother you anymore, or go out of her way to contact you. If she contacts you it could have just been a test and now she is DTF, or she could just be a time hoe (hints at sex to get commitment and validation).

Either way, don't worry about it. We all slip up once in a while, just remember you have tons of other choices, and she probably is worse than most of them.

[–]morexel 1 points [recovered]  (1 child) | Copy Link

Or be sadistic like me and play comfort game. Give her what she wants for a week, get what you want for that week. Then tell her something neat like it's me not you.

[–]canarywocoalmine0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Lol. I love how once you figure out what you were doing wrong before and eliminate, the women available skyrockets, but if you want to get rid of one without having to dump her, you just revert to old behavior and they run away thinking it's their idea!

[–]the_deliberators-2 points-1 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

i feel ya bro, sometimes it passively happens and the man inside you is locked away for the period. It's always good to be extremely calm and laid back, be assertive with your tone but in a friendly manner where she cant tell if you're serious or fucking about - in most cases she'll feel compelled to comply otherwise she'll be losing a gem.

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