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FR - Re-Plate success

April 24, 2015

So I typically run experiments with some of the chicks I meet. This is out of a combination of curiosity and boredom. It's all good experience. This little experiment was started pretty much entirely on a whim fuelled by the good vibes of my mates at the cigar club. My plate had suddenly ditched me for some bizarre beta boy offering her instant commitment. I later discovered she'd been orbiting him for around 10 years. As a mid twenties gal, this meant from school age she'd been pining for him. I deduced he was probably pretty good looking or she was just even more insecure than I'd expected (she comfort tested all the time which was annoying... but she also never shit tested after the first meeting/sex. Swings and roundabouts guys.) So the report starts with my shrugged shoulders decision to see if I could re-plate her. I must confess at this point... I actually expected to fail. This is probably why I went into this with the shrugged shoulders/IDGAF attitude that I take towards most of my sexual strategy. I've never run boyfriend destroyer game before and, more than this, it felt like I needed to adapt the principles slightly. I only researched it a week or so ago and it seemed to have little relevance to what I was doing here. It's not normally my thing... but adaptability and all that. More tools in the box.

So I start it off with a phone call intending to ask some asinine question that leaves her with more questions of her own as to why I was acting this way. She didn't pick up, so I left a simple mysterious text. (If you haven't tried the mystery method yet, I'd recommend it. It's been working better than some of my other approaches to general conversation.) As predicted, she takes the bait... whether she wants another orbiter or is just listening to her emotions going "fun guy doing stuff I don't understand, this is interesting" doesn't really matter. Three texts over the course of the evening probing me. I ignore them and go to bed, reply the next morning with more mysterious nonsense, around the sort of time I know she goes to work. That morning, due to family emergency, she's taken the morning off work and happens to be in my area. I suddenly get a request to meet up for coffee. As far as I'm concerned, this meeting will be recon. I don't know what I'm up against with this guy she's committed to and I'm also unsure how my own SMV has been affected by this.

My opening gambit is to reassert how much higher my SMV is than hers. So I up my asshole game and open with the greeting "wow, you look like crap!" (she hadn't put in effort like she had in our previous meetings) and then compare her look as she's waiting for me (I'm purposefully late) to gollum. She laps this up and agrees with it, hugging me. I take the free kino but also ensure I'm the one to break the hug and actively push her away. As a note for any newer guys, SMV is always relative in the eyes of the chick. She may be a HB6, but that doesn't matter if she sees herself as a 9. The reverse is also true. You need to work to ensure the relative distance between your SMV and hers is that yours is a little higher than hers. Beta boy's gay little admission of strong feelings for her and offering her commitment for nothing will have raised her SMV in her eyes, particularly because she'd been orbiting him for so long. All of this asshole game works to reduce her SMV in her eyes and increase mine. Pretty standard if you're starting from scratch.

This meeting is where I leave her to fill in the background for me. I show no active interest in what's changed and leave her to broach the subject of her commitment to beta boy. I treat just about every aspect of the discussion about beta boy as a shit test. Specifically the point where she goes "I expected you to be angry" and I just shrug my shoulders with my default bored expression. Throw in some agree and amplify style sarcasm: "yes, I am quite obviously suffering uncontrollable rage. Oooh! Cake!" She goes on to talk about why she agreed to the beta commitment, and I'm predominantly disinterested (what she says has no real bearing on what's actually going on for the most part. Remember that women don't actually understand themselves.) until she talked about his declarations of strong feelings as "cringeworthy" stuff. She pays for everything and I decide we're going somewhere else specific. Bitches love surprises, throw them one anytime you can because it's as much fun for you as it is for her. Her motivation for this entire meeting is that she wants to know about mysterious old me. The fun is what I get out of it and it shines through in my attitude. Throughout the walk to the next event and then back to where I parked, she's feeling up my arm and getting really close. Turn to say goodbye and she's feeling up my chest. I decide, fuck it, and take a kiss. She kisses back. I break the kiss early and just say goodbye and walk off. Desire is heavy, now I just need to give beta boy time to fuck himself with his beta game before I make my move. (And oh boy, does he fuck himself royally. I find this out at the end though. Here I'm just letting nature take its course.)

I leave it three days then pretend I have a spare ticket for something I booked ages ago and a mate cancelled on me. I assert she should tag along. Instant agreement from her to join me. I give her the time and place to meet and then tell her to not look like shit and put some effort in this time. (When I saw her, she'd clearly put in A LOT of effort for a midweek meeting.) No reply from her to confirm, but I'm confident she's going to show up since she replied instantly after getting off work. As an added kicker, I'm chatting with an ex plate (mostly for entertainment) and decide to meet her beforehand and check out some new coffee place. This gave me both a good social warmup and allowed me to add in some preselection. I wait at the meeting point with ex plate until I see the bus of committed girl coming in. She's looking from the window, so I hug ex plate and send her on her way. Committed girl meets, asks who that was and I give a vague reply and press into the small talk as a basic pressure flip. "A friend of mine. How's your day been?"

I say we've got a little time to kill, so we hit a bar, then onto the ticketed event. She pays for drinks at the bar and at the event. I swap the furniture around slightly while she gets the drinks in so that I can achieve the most kino possible. She comes back, and her opening gambit is the sort of tedious shit test I've already been dealing with. "guess who did -insert soppy romantic gesture here- the other day?" Quick as a flash I reply "Your stalker?" She stops dead in her tracks, babbles for a moment before admitting it is the sort of creepy thing a stalker would do. As I said before... beta boy's lovely beta game will only make me more appealing. That was the final shit test I see from her.

At this point I realise she's started mixing her drinks like crazy. Jumping around from wines to cocktails to spirits to beer. She's paying for all the drinks and comes back with one drink for me and two for herself because she's "having such a great time" and "thank you so much for inviting me out tonight Nightwing. I'm having such a fun time." Of course you are, because I'm fun and beta boy's "dates" will have been tedious as fuck/non-stop emotional talk. By this point I'm satisfied she's going to cheat on beta boy with me tonight. It's just a matter of me not fucking it up. She's made her decision and is now prepping her deniability by being drunk. I stopped her short of getting seriously drunk but left her tipsy enough that she was satisfied.

So we leave and head for my car. Here come her comfort tests again. "Why are you still with me?" To be fair at this point... I'm a little tipsy myself and I'm sick of this nonsense. I decide to go for dominance broke and grab her, pull her in to a sort of hug and then grab her by the throat with my other hand, pushing her head back and leaning in very close. (For reference, she likes being choked a little during rough sex. She's told me before when I hold her by the throat she feels helpless but safe and "it's so amazing." So this was a calculated move by me.) I stare at her eyes and tell her to shut up and stop whining. She nods. I drop a rough, passionate kiss on her and she's massively into it. I then tell her that her pussy belongs to me. She nods again. We're going home now, understood? Another nod. Away we go and she couldn't smile any wider if she tried.

Once we get back, she insists she needs a shower and invites me to join. (Because yeah... serious committed girls have platonic showers with guys they've previously had sex with.) I get some LMR from her about not having sex. I can't remember if I ignored it or gave a disinterested "ok" reply. Either way, I just began playing with her body, heavy escalation. Same LMR repeats and I just spank her. She turns and drops to her knees to give me a very enthusiastic blowjob (because loyal, committed chicks totally give super enthusiastic blowjobs to their platonic friends.) Things escalate from there as expected. She's really into the sex and during post-coital pillow talk she informs me about the sappy romantic gestures beta boy has been doing. I'm literally laughing at them and she reveals she doesn't like how he's trying to force a serious relationship. Leaving beta boy to play his beta game was a solid move. At a rough estimate he's spent about ten times as much money as I have on her this past week. I'm not even sure if he managed to get a kiss off her. I'm the one lying in bed with her. Classic AF/BB.

So beta boy is taking her out for a nice dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to hearing about it later. This is because I know she's "feeling so guilty" that her opening gambit, once they've sat down, will be blunt words to the effect of "I had sex with Nightwing last night and again this morning." She thinks he'll be quite upset. I hope he is.

Moral of the story gentleman: do not try to fight with men you are inferior to. You're wasting your time. Go monk mode and improve yourself. Beta game always fails against practiced alpha game.

More serious moral for newbies: Do not be beta boy. He is a faggot and deserves every last ounce of pain he suffers this evening. If this leads him to TRP, then that's all fine and good, he can unplug and improve himself. He's lost this battle, but he can still make a better fight of the war. If it does not, then he can consign himself to depression and life as an omega or a cuckold. Ultimately, he is not my problem. Despite my motivations being boredom, this is still proof positive: The alpha takes what he wants.

TL:DR - Plate accepts instant commitment from a beta and breaks things off with me. I have her cheat on him with me because I can. (And more so because he's affected one of the bitches I was managing, which inconveniences me. I take back my more convenient sex. Fail turned into win in about a week.)

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