Summary: A failure at a pick-up with a feminist at a festival. When taking them seriously dries them and you up.


Who am I: I swallowed the pill a year ago when I came to many of the same conclusions myself and finally found TRP. It was atleast as tough for me swallowing as for any other guy. I was as cringeworthy as BP as the next guy. Since then I have been through a major personality change and gone out every weekend picking up girls and trying out theories. My swallowing-phases were crysis-depression-sorrow-IDGAF, my I Don't Give A Fuck – phase has been going for half a year now.

I'm a 25-30 years old swede. I'm 190cm ( 6,2 feet) and blonde. I'm very viking-looking of the crazylooking type and not the calm one, wich I abuse. I have not been lifting even close to as much as I should have. I have a near perfect posture and eye-contact and never back down.

This summer I was at one of the biggest festivals in scandinavia. I was there with friends of mine. We were a collection from three different friend-groups and we clicked perfectly, only dudes. We are all very far from SJWs and are all really trolls. No one the other alike, a very good spread of personalitys but all crazy and everything goes.

Our camp quickly became the party-camp in the surrounding area and the frame was set: a very sexual, non-politically-correct, a lot of alcohol and drugs. The jokes were about anything you wanted. Whenever any guy thought it was ”too much” I would just hold frame and say it's alright, because it is. Every guy there loved it, beeing free from correctness and feminism. We came really early and I introduced every new camp that came, giving us lots of social proof. Our neighboring camp was a girl-camp and one of the girls caught my eye. She was a HB6-7, shy, timid, cute, swedish but with russian parents, 24ish old and had an intense eye-contact; the trait that quickly pushes a woman 1-2 points up for me.

One night we were going to go out to a concert and we were like 5 guys from our camp and 3 girls from their camp, one of them her. I held her hand and took care of the group making sure no-one was left behind and everyone had something to drink. When we arrived at the concert and had made a meeting-point I isolated HB6-7 that we can call ”Joline”.

I led and she followed, we danced and I kino-escalated. I had her wrapped perfectly around my finger and she loved it, I put her on my shoulders until the guards came. I led the dance as I wanted it. I knew I could kiss her any moment I wanted but I wanted to make the setting perfect for my liking. The act was on it's end and the next act was my taste of music and what we went there for. I got us a couple of tokes from a random guys joint and he warned us it's really strong danish hasch. For those that don't know, danisch hasch is really strong.

This was when things turned to the worse. There was no next act, that was the last one for tonight. She didn't take the hasch well and I don't know the english words for it but she didn't feel well, you know, wanting to puke and fall asleep, danish strong hasch... For my morals I had to take care of her, since my pick-up was based on me leading and taking care of her and everything. Being experienced with weed I know the only two options are to either let her fall esleep lying really still or keep her walking outside in fresh air. So I took her walking.

I was feeling very good, drunk and high and really INSPIRED by the hasch. We had a good time still and she trusted me. We talked and it turned out she is a mega feminist. I was not going to have sex with her when she was in that state, and I was in a real good wisdom-seeking mode with the hasch and everything. I had not discussed feminism with a smart feminist girl in 5 years and I noticed this girl was smart. We started talking about feminism and I set the frame overtly telling her that it was not a debate but a seeking for wisdom and she complied.

It turned out we had the same world-view, in every way we saw the world the same. The difference was that she thought everything was culture influenced and I thought everything was biological. She had observed everything RP I had but she wanted it to change when I wanted it to become normalized and accepted. We talked about equalness in relationships and everytime she had been in an equal relationship she had broken up within a couple of months. I said that there are no good feminist men, and she agreed and said the only good men she met had left her quickly... As we spoke of these things I sensed she could no longer let me be above her because she had to defend her feminism. The cozy sexual tension we had turned to anti-rapport or something and I could almost feel her pussy getting drier for every second. I don't remember how she said it but she was ”afraid” I would try to take advantage over her, sexually. So I promised her I would not fuck her tonight, but that promise only was for tonight, her pussy getting even drier and me being friend-zoned for the first time in my life.

The rest of the night I took her back to our friends and drank some until she felt bad again and I took her out for a walk again. Then led her back to her friends who took her to bed. Then I went back to my camp and was very bitter for wasting a perfect night on her and beeing bluepill. The next day I was so tired of feminism and feminists that I was only friendly towards her without engaging in conversations or anything. I met her friend who I found funny and told her how good I was the day before, taking really good care of her friend and she answered: ”Yeah, but that doesn't make her owe you sex!”... stfu gtfo NEXT

Lessons learned:

  • Feminists love RP-behaviours in Scandinavia too, at least with their senses until they think analytically about it, when there probably becomes a big conflict in them.
  • Don't talk about feminism/RP/equalism with girls you wanna lay.
  • Feminist don't know what they want or are naive and unexperienced.
  • Frame is everything.
  • Feminism fucks up intergender encounters and relationships.