[FR] She'll Cheat if the Time is Right, and You're Not

April 16, 2018

I have referenced this example while answering a few posts on asktrp over the last couple of months, and I figured I should write a more detailed post to outline the experience I had.

The Setting

About two years ago I got accepted in an entrepreneurship program which lasted about one week. 50 of the best aspiring students in my country were there, placed in a nice four-star hotel in the mountains.

I'm at the beginning of my transformation process, not having found the pill yet, but starting to figure out that chicks like confident assholes. So I packed up my wit and gains and said fuck it, whatever happens, happens.

While at the first reception where everyone was trying to make connections, I chose a group of five and open them. The conversation went brilliantly, everyone was listening and laughing at my subtle jokes, but a certain girl in the group was quieter, and just looking at me with a slight smile. My antennas went up.

She had long, curly hair, was way shorter than me, had a stupidly beautiful face, and you could barely see her curves behind her clothing. I continue my conversation and the courses begin.

The Point of No Return

At the second reception, around 8PM, we do some team-building game in which we had to use some basic tools to build a device that could hold an egg intact while being dropped from 3 feet. She's on the team against me, and I catch her take a several glimpses at me while I was telling my team what we should do. I stare back once and smile, she immediately plays with her hair and looks down (a very submissive move that I like seeing, plus a big IOI). Nevertheless, my team wins, and after we congratulate each other, everyone gets back to chatting, and I see her in the middle of the room, checking her phone alone for a second. Later I found out she was messaging her boyfriend. I go in:

Me: "It would be a pleasure to talk to you away from this noise, let's go outside" Her: "Sure, I'd love to" with a big smile.

We talked for about an hour and a half, in which I escalated slowly and slightly teased her. Went in for the first kiss, she turned her cheek. I grinned and said "You know, life taught me that when girls reject my kiss, it really only means <<not now, a bit later>>". Pants got flooded, her eyes widened, and after five minutes she was all over me, with some people staring at us from the reception window.

My Shock Point

One evening, I was over in her room while her roommates were away, and was building comfort for the following f close. She was on top of me and I could feel her round ass on my dick (she played different sports and that ass was madly toned), when her boyfriend messages. She sighs in an annoyed manner, and takes a pic for him WHILE ON TOP OF ME. Checks if any of my body parts can be seen, then mutters while typing "I'm fine...babe...love you...sooo much...smiley face, done". Something clicked in my mind at that time, but I would understand it later in my TRP awakening. I play it cool and say "who's bothering us". She briefly tells me about her boyfriend of three years, which is a national gold medalist swimmer and blah blah blah. Basically older, more muscular than me, but still I outdid the fucker. We go on to kiss some more, she sings me a song (she's been a singer for all her life and her voice is angelic) and I call it a night and go have fun with my newfound male friends.

What Followed

Over the course of the remaining four days I had at that project, I gamed her constantly, we were making out, but the reason a sex-close was hard was because every night, we had "guardian angels", which basically were 50+ year old nagging women that were checking our rooms to see if boys slept with boys and vice versa (not kidding, we were all 18+ year olds but they were strict about their rules). Last night, I tell my roommate that I want to bang the chick in our room, he tells me he wants to bang another chick in her room, and so we're set without any further debate. She comes in at about 9:30 PM, I put on some music and immediately escalate. During foreplay she would get so turned on she couldn't help but let out some light screams. I undress her and find out she has a petite body with a marvelous ass. I know I have another 45 minutes, so I give her the rough fucking she deserved. After that, I send her off to her room on the balcony (our rooms were on the same floor and on the same side, connected through balconies). She sent me a text saying it was the best night of her life.

The LMR/Shit-Test I Passed Unknowingly

Back to the sex part, during foreplay she was feeling my arms and my chest and said “do you work out?”, to which I replied “yea, I bet it feels good”. She said “do you know how good a swimmer’s body feels naked?”. I grinned and said “do you know how good MY BODY feels naked?”. To this day, I consider this the best situation I’ve ever played. And shit, the dude was 6 feet tall with a toned body and I’m almost 5’10”, muscular but with a bit of belly and love handles.

What did I have and her boyfriend didn’t? Well I’m a self-sufficient, self-loving motherfucker and I could give a fuck how the other dude looked. I loved seeing myself in the mirror, even with my bit of belly. Confidence, guys. Self-confidence is key.


1)Be careful with LTR's. It is a very big chance that she'll cheat on you if you're not on your A-game constantly and you don't know how to fuck with her head. I don't advise you use manipulation, mind games and power plays on chicks you LTR, but I do it and it seems to be effective.

2) Always be fun and witty. Also, have a few tricks up your sleeve to pull girls.

3) The best thing you can have is FRAME. I controlled every move we made, when we met during breaks, what we did, and how we went about fucking.

4) Never trust bitches. NEVER. Not even trust but verify could be applied to what she did to her boyfriend. The message was right, the pic was ok, what else could you think about apart from yea, my girl's in her room, chillin and not being gamed by another dick.

Conclusion: Take care and watch out for those whores. She's now in med school, really bright and smart girl. Still was a cheating, lying whore, hamstering everything on the fact that their relationship wasn't working out at that moment.

Edit: Shit-Test I Passed Unknowingly part added. Forgot about it, but guys in the comments mentioned the swimmer boyfriend and I realized I left out the best bit.

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