Tldr: I (16y/o) refused sex with a girl and she gets outraged. She ignores me for a month, but I didn't give a fuck. She then spreads rumor around school that we aren't a "thing" anymore because supposedly I was scared I got her pregnant. No one believes her and shames her for trying to spread a rumor.


I'm turning 17 in about two weeks, and have been lurking TRP for about a year now. I was bluepill af and trp made a huge improvement on my life, academically and personally-- I got off my ass and started lifting, studied harder to increase future SMV. I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to get a girl in my bed as well, but I'll get to that later. The context of before I swallowed the pill is vital to this story. Before I was introduced to TRP, beta me would try to please everyone and get them to like me. Being short, Asian, and quirky, it wasn't that hard (In high school, being short is considered cute, I guess). After swallowing the pill, I had to reevaluate all of my friends. Long story short: I soft-nexted a lot of people, but still showed them a modicum of respect and friendliness.

Trying to practice trp etiquette, I caught some girl's attention. One girl, lets call her Gem, seemed particularly interested in me (No HB ratings, this is an underage girl we're talking about). One day after a friend's birthday pool party, Gem insists I invite her over to my house. And so I do, but she then insists she should come over on a day where my family is out and the house is to ourselves. It was obvious what she's trying to say and I was down for it. The day arrives, she comes over and we start making out the first 5 minutes she takes off her shoes to enter the house. I lead her into my room and we continue our session on my bed. She takes off her shirt and I take off mine and we continue to just make out for a while. She takes off her pants and said I should take off mine too. My pants are at my ankles when I look over at her and she's already in my bed covering herself with my pillows. "I'm sorry I just don't feel it anymore," I muttered. She asks me what's up and I just tell her I just don't feel like having sex. She keeps asking and I could see the insecurity in her body language. I say "Gem it's not that you're not sexy or anything, I just don't think right now is a good time." She starts yelling asking why we stopped and I keep telling her the same thing. She eventually succumbs and put her clothes back on. I walk her out to Chipotle and we have a silent lunch.

Next morning at school, I try to make friendly conversation with Gem but she gives me the cold shoulders. I make bigger attempts in trying to talk to her later, but she keeps on ignoring me. I move on and stopped caring because she was being immature.

About a month later, I get a friend asking me if Gem and I aren't a "thing" anymore because I was scared she got pregnant. I freak out and ask him to explain in detail. Gem had been telling people that she and I did have sex and the morning after, she supposedly told me she was pregnant. I then hypothetically cut off all communication and avoided her because I wanted nothing to do with a baby. Days later she finds out she's not pregnant with a baby and that it was a false alarm.

I explain to my friend what actually happened and he sighs with relief, admitting "Fuck, her story sounded nothing like you. Glad that didn't happen." And apparently, he wasn't the only one that thought that. People continuously went up to confirm the rumor with me and reacted the same way when I explained the truth. I never confronted her because I just didn't want to deal with her stupidity, but everyone eventually found out what actually happened. I was a bit surprised that the problem sorted itself out thinking everyone would side with her, but I owe it to my reputation at school that everything was solved and my life wasn't ruined. Gem's bfffs abandons her and she starts getting bullied for being a lying bitch. I even felt bad for her, but I wasn't gonna mess with that again. From then on, I just stopped at flirting with girls. Haven't taken it further since.

Lesson: I barely escaped getting my (high school) life ruined and suggest anyone my age that swallowed the pill to just skip over sex in high school. You're welcome to do whatever you want, but let me tell you this:

  • Girls get way hotter later on. Just wait a few more years. Yeah I'm talking about college babes.
  • You're in fucking high school. You have to go to school every day, whether you like it or not. Play it safe and just fap.
  • You know those stories you read here about women hamstering on based on their emotions, completely ignoring any logic what so ever? The girls you know now in high school are overdosed with raging hormones that make them 3x as dangerous. Do you really want to deal with that?

Ok yeah, you're probably like "wtf, OP telling me to not have sex on TRP. GTFO you're probably beta af." Go ahead, you can have sex whenever you want. But your life is still young. Take advantage of your unstable testosterone levels and fucking lift. Increase your SMV before the game and study so you can be swimming in cash after you pay for college. Do you really have to have sex right now?

Also another lesson, treat everyone with respect. Even slightly is enough.