tl;dr: navigated white knights and betas, hooked up with a Russian chick. Text book trp, she reveals what a slut she has been. AWALT

This sub has a romanticized view of Russian and Eastern European women. Specifically, that they are more loyal, less slutty, and make the best wife material™. I've had the luxury of being in the company of a mixed group of Ukrainians and Russians recently, and as the title says, unicorns don't exist.

I came across this sub 6 months ago. There's perhaps no better affirmation of TRP principles than the experience I've had picking up this petite wall approaching HB7 redhead in the group. She had the innocent outward appearance petite Russian girls wear so well

Polarization: Right off the bat I behaved like a rude cocky asshole. We first met in this barbecue. I didn't find particularly care about her, this bitch had the entitlement most decently attractive girls with orbiters have. In the middle of conversation, she asked me: Can you get me beer? me: 'Why don't you get it yourself?' her: 'that's very rude.' me:'You're just used to people bending over backwards for you, you lazy blyat' She stuck to me like a puppy for the rest of the night. Later, when I met up with some friends for some weed, she backed off, giving me a lecture about drug use.

That was two weeks ago.

Last week, we met up again. This time at a common friend's party at a bar. She walked up to me and said:'I thought it will be more crowded here.' Me:'It was, but you scared them away. Folks have to be drunk to stand you' As the night progressed I got bolder and bolder with my disparaging remarks. Me:'My Ukrainian friend told me Russian girls were all prostitutes, and they like taking what isn't theirs' She was catching on to my game, and I had to restrain her from stealing my wallet. As the night went on, I started pimping her out. I would approach drunk guys randomly and give quotes: '50$ for the whole night sir, she's fresh from Russia. Too expensive?? Come on sir, how about a freebie for your first time?' Then stuff like:'I think that's out of their budget. How about 500 Rubbles?? Think about her family sir! She needs to feed her family!'

She got so worked up she was all over me. At the end of the night, we kissed in a club, I pushed her back against a wall and made out. Then she left, purportedly for the toilet. I waited half an hour and assumed I was stood up, and left.

Pre trp me would've been butthurt about this. I texted her: where are you? when she didn't reply, I told her I was leaving. She quickly replied that she was in the toilet. (not true, I checked) and that she wanted a goodbye kiss. I ignored her text, I think that tortured her somewhat.

This weekend we met again. I was gaming other girls the whole night. White knights and betas almost ruined my night. A white knight in the group tried to AMOG and tell me off for talking to her like that. I played it off by pretending to acquiesce distracting him with weed. The dread and how I left her last week must've sent the hamster through the roof. Long story short she came back with me and we fucked like rabbits.

In her post-coital afterglow, she talked about how she can't walk, her various other partners, how she has many options, how I was the first Asian she fucked, etc. The pretense of innocence dropped away, and I'm faced staring at a Russian slut with a boring personality and nothing but a warm hole to offer. Wife material my ass. Decent plate material, no doubt

She complained: 'you're so bad and evil, you know there should be a balance between being nice and bad'. This would be a recurring complain/shit test she has with me, even after she's taken a pounding against my headboard. I asked her why she was with me instead of her nice EU friends, she couldn't answer.

I'm celebrating my first Russian plate 6 months after /trp, I'd really like to thank you kind gentlemen here in this sub.

Lessons learnt: -To the whiny Indian/Asian posters here, your heritage is only an obstacle if you let it be one. You just need to learn to market yourself.

-Bitches don't know what they want. Don't take their advice for how to pick them up. I can't remember much of the shit tests, as I've swatted most aside with no hesitation. Throughout this entire ordeal I've treated her like a cheap Russian prostitute, and she loved it.

-White knights are butt hurt about sexual success. Don't do the obvious teases in public. Think like you want, but act like others