Frame for Dummies. What it is and ways to build (and keep) it.

February 7, 2018

"Frame is everything. Always be aware of the subconscious balance of whose frame in which you are operating. Always control the Frame, but resist giving the impression that you are." - Rollo Tomassi, Iron Rule #1

Frame can't really be faked. And if you do fake it, it won't take long before women will poke holes in it. That's what they are meant to do.

Luckily, frame is directly related to your own personal value and belief system. So it doesn't actually take that much to alter. Even a low SMV man with a strong frame can work like magic on women (think of convicts and junkie musicians)

Here are the most important points to internalize and actually change your attitude to believe. If you truly make these points real in your mind, gaming will get easy for you.

  1. You're better than her. (In every way except maybe taking care of a child)

  2. She's there for YOUR entertainment. (Treat her like a servant and ask her to do favors for you)

  3. She stopped maturing at 18. (Treat/tease her like a child.)

  4. She's a nasty dirty cumguzzling whore for the right guy. ALL girls are very sexual. (Don't fear sexual implication, you're a man, it's natural and masculine)

  5. You're more willing to walk away than her. Women need to feel that you do not need them. (Outcome Independence. This one is key. DO NOT be more invested than her.)

  6. There's NOTHING that she can do to make you emotional and reactive. (Women should be literally incapable of getting under your skin. Nothing phases you. You've seen it all before and it's laughable when they try their mindfuck games)

  7. Its her loss if you're hard rejected. You were simply trying to share some of your awesomeness with the world instead of being a selfish asshole and hogging it all to yourself. (Never forget that when you approach, you're OFFERING value to a girl, not LEECHING it. You're doing them a favor.)

  8. Recognize knowledge of improvement. (No matter what happens, you're improving your approach and results in the future. Always. There's no such thing as going backwards in skill on approaches)

  9. Failure is fun and embrace it (you should approach 9's and 10's to get shut down and learn the difference of their tests to get better).

  10. You take/work for what you want. (See hot girl. Want to put dick in. Take steps to see if that's an option to get the desired result you want)

  11. Walk and act like you have two french 10's that lick caviar off your balls as soon as you walk through the door every fucking day. (Ignore her beauty, you're used to smokeshows already. They're just girls..)

  12. Sex is on your mind and your actions reflect it. (You should be undressing her with your eyes, spanking her/grabbing her ass every chance you get, escalating often, and whispering dirty things you want to do to her in her ear, grabbing her thigh when you're driving, etc. Be the fun sex guy. Leave "Billy Beta" in the fucking past)

  13. You're the leader. (She follows you. YOU make the decisions, you call the shots, you design the plans. She's just along for the ride.)

  14. Her moral recklessness and emotional rollercoaster riding is adorable to you. You've read briffault's law and you know WHAT they are, (not necessarily WHO they are.) You enjoy their fragility and savageness in the same breath.

  15. Confidence and boldness is your default. (Walk like Brad Pitt, talk like George Cloony, fuck like Tyler Durden, and lift like Dwayne Johnson)

TLDR Frame is everything. The basis of all attraction hinges on frame too. Without it, you're literally a nothing. Develop it and be mindful of it always.

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