Friend goes on a large group trip overseas, watches as 90% of the girls cheat on their boyfriends

August 9, 2017

I don't think there is any doubt left among us that if your SO decides to travel without you for an extended period of time that she should be plated or nexted. However, for those left that are still skeptical of this concept, or thinks what I'm saying is overly paranoid, please read carefully as I describe one of my good friends' recent Red Pill awakening.

For context: My friend Tom is a good looking, highly intelligent guy in graduate school studying geology.

Tom decided to sign up for a 5-week geology field course in Scotland this summer. The group of students in the field course comprised of about 20 guys and 17 girls. 10 out of the 17 girls had boyfriends.

After a long day of hiking and studying, the group would sleep in hostels or set up camp in the countryside, drinking and laughing around a game of cards or a campfire. On occasion, they'd even travel into Scotland's bigger cities for a night or two and enjoy the nightlife. It was really the time of his life, being able to travel in a foreign country while studying something he loved with people that shared a primary interest of his, drinking with them until the sun came up. But his time spent in Scotland was educational in more than just an academic way.

Tom is no idiot when it comes to girls but he vastly underestimated what alcohol+fun+isolation can do in combination when it comes to "unavailable" women. By week 3 of his trip, one-by-one, 9 out of the 10 girls with boyfriends had cheated.

The girl Tom hooked up with had a boyfriend of five years waiting for her back home. She proceeded to follow Tom around like a puppy for the remaining weeks, mate guarding and trying to convince him to be in a long-distance relationship with her when they returned to the states. Obviously, this was all done in an attempt to rationalize the fact that she just cheated on her boyfriend of five years. She wanted to be able to justify her actions, tell herself that she had met someone more special, that it was fate they had met halfway across the world and fell for each other. But alas, Tom did what every other guy on the trip did: pump and dump.

All those girls will go home to their boyfriends, bellies and vagina's filled with other men's cum, and lie to their faces about how mellow the trip was, explaining how much they missed them as they plant a kiss on their boyfriend's mouth with the same lips that were wrapped around a different dick just days before.

As horrible of a story as this is, I'm happy Tom was able to see this kind of thing for himself and be on the good side of things as "the other man". While he did walk away with some serious trust issues, hopefully, it will prevent him from being cucked in the future. This was a really harsh reminder that I know I needed as well.

TLDR; Friend goes on a 5-week trip overseas with a group of guys and 17 girls. 10 out of the 17 girls had boyfriends. 9/10 of the "unavailable" girls cheated on their boyfriends within 3 weeks. AWALT. If your SO wants to travel without you, let her. Then ghost.

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