Friend's Fiancee Cheats on Him with CHRIS BROWN - An Unbelievable Case Study in Hypergamy

July 20, 2017

EDIT Since i'm understandably getting people doubting this, I've looked up Chris' whereabouts for the night in question - I'm not posting pictures as it's essentially doxxing this girl and no-one is going to believe it's her anyway, as no one actually knows her.

This story is 100% real. There's photos of Chris with this girl in his car, with her covering her face. I've got them. Anyone can check the background if they're really bothered, it happened a little under a month ago in Vegas, I don't know the name of the place but it was a rooftop bar somewhere.

My good friend and his fiancee of 4 years have been in the U.S since the beginning of the year, he's landed a good IT role and has been flown over there. This girl is his college sweetheart, his first proper girlfriend. This guy is not a beta male, by any stretch. He's in great shape, good looking, has cool hobbies and is naturally red-pilled, minus the "never get married". I've always known him as a Chad and he's been a hound-dog with me growing up, always claiming he'd never "settle down".

His fiancee is gorgeous, they're looksmatched for sure and she's for the most part a down to earth, level headed girl. I've known her for as long as I've known my friend. She works as a nurse and makes good money. He's making average money at the moment but is forecast to be pulling big numbers in a few years.

The information I've been told is she went out with a group of new work friends she's met in LA to Vegas for a weekend for one of their birthdays. When grilled over this my buddy said he knew he shouldn't have let her go but he "never thought" this would happen, since she doesn't drink and is a homebody for the most part. Mistake one.

So my friend is at home working on a project, and his fiancee is out in Vegas. Somehow she ends up at the rooftop bar Chris is at, I was told she started drinking and the rest is history. She messaged my friend saying "I'm with Chris Brown!!!" and apparently he didn't believe her and just wrote back an emoji or something dumb. Mistake two.

This was on the Saturday night, my friend had the details to the hotel they were all supposed to be staying in and had called her on the Friday to check in, and she was fine. He said he didn't think he needed to call her again on the Saturday, and trusted she'd just be home safe with her friends. Mistake three.

Long story short, she went home with Chris, was snapped in the backseat of a limo/one of his cars covering her face. She received a BBC workout and stayed at a hotel with him all day, presumably indulging herself further in the obscenely endowed C.Breeze before he basically kicked her out and she had to get a cab back to the hotel.

She didn't tell my friend for over a week.

He's completely destroyed and is moving back home. I've spoken to him twice, once after it happened and then again today for an update, which is why I decided to make the thread. She's staying with her friends in LA.

The take-home is this.

Hypergamy doesn't care. My friend is a good looking, interesting, red-pilled man who makes good money and has a bright future. It doesn't matter. Chris Brown is a millionaire celebrity, a literal God in the eyes of most women on the planet. His huge dick is public knowledge. He is extremely good looking. He's an asshole. His presence would've been completely and overwhelmingly intoxicating to her, and him taking interest in her would've been simply too much to handle.

Women are slaves to hypergamy. The biological mechanisms inherent in female sexual strategy override any and all logical or objective thought and morality. Chris Brown is better than her fiancee. When a woman cheats with such a high value man, she isn't doing it because she's consciously vindictive towards her partner. It is simply her biological imperative to do so. To NOT cheat with Chris Brown (the highest value man she could conceivably obtain the genetics and resources of) would be a betrayal of her biology.

Never even entertain the idea of a girl's weekend away. Do not let your women go out to clubs without you, ever. Never inherently trust a woman, no matter how "strong" or "unique" your relationship is. Understand hypergamy, don't dwell in bitterness but really understand it and internalize it. There is always a man better than you. Briffault's Law - your relationship and anything you've ever done for a woman means nothing and is forgotten in the face of hypergamy.

And most importantly, and as always gentlemen, AWALT.

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