GAB is Down Because the Culture War is Real and the Overton Window is Shrinking

October 29, 2018

For those of you tuning in, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter this weekend apparently had an account on, and while he also had accounts on facebook, twitter, and other sites, the powers that be deemed this to be the reason must be removed from the internet.

Gab made a statement that they have been complying with investigators, having gone through and archived his account and taken it down as soon as they got the news, but that wasn't enough to appease the overlords who seek to censor the internet.

At the same time, Paypal and Stripe suspend their accounts with GAB, killing their payment processing.

Why does this concern us? We're not in this argument that Alex Jones, Gab, or whatever conspiracy nut comes along tomorrow is having.

But one thing is certain. Social Justice Warriors have been on the warpath for shrinking the overton window and putting into place the system and mechanisms required to silence and censor anybody outside that window.

And folks, what little we had that was considered acceptable is being pushed out the window as well. I wouldn't be surprised if exercise and strength training becomes misogynistic before the end of the year.

Disagree with the speech, but resist the censorship. Because if you don't, tomorrow they come for you.

We are working tirelessly on our Forums.Red platform to ensure that men can continue to communicate, no matter what the SJWs try to do to stop it.

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