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Game = Rape!!!

October 18, 2013

People (women mostly, but some manginas) often complain that the game theory/seduction tactics advocated by The Red Pill and other sites are dishonest and manipulative, and some even go so far as to proclaim that gaming a woman and ultimately obtaining sex from her constitutes rape. I’ve tried and tried to wrap my mind around how anybody could arrive here and figured I’d toss my prose out there.

Putting aside the fact that game methods are not some kind of magic formula that gets women to spread their legs automatically and unwillingly, making them helpless victims, I got to thinking – what is game, really? What, exactly, is a skilled pick-up artist manipulating women into doing? How, exactly, are women being deceived? Here’s what I came up with:

So Jimbo enters a bar or club. First off, he would never normally hang out in a place like this, because he’s an introverted, boring, beta nerd, but he’s been reading up on game and was told he’s supposed to practice, so he’s been going out every weekend even though that’s entirely unlike him. This is deceptive to women – the very fact that they’re seeing him at a popular gathering place is implying that he’s the kind of guy who goes to places like this. If they knew he wasn’t really that kind of guy and was really a boring, stay-at-home, introverted nerd, they’d never want to sleep with him. So he’s already raping people just by being there, but moving on…

He immediately walks up to a group of people that includes a few hot girls and starts talking. He never does that normally because he’s shy, suffers from social anxiety, and is introverted – especially around girls. To help hide the fact that he’s really nervous, he has a few sets of story-type scripted lines he likes to begin with. Because he’s said all of these things before, they come out easier without having to struggle to find the right words and without looking nervous. They’re also a lot more interesting than any of the stuff he’d normally talk about with people, because he’s kind of a boring, stay-at-home nerd. This is deceptive to women because it makes him appear more confident, socially adept, and interesting than he actually is. If he weren’t putting on this front and he were just being himself, girls would immediately be able to spot that he’s a socially awkward, nervous, boring loser and weed him out.

Throughout the conversation, even though he’s really attracted to a couple of the girls, he doesn’t let on. He’s actually a little rude – not in a bad way, just in a way that makes him look confident, like he’s used to dealing with girls and doesn’t really care whether he scores with them or not. This is deceptive to those women, because there’s a chance they might be intrigued or put a little more at ease by the fact that he’s not overtly hitting on them or pulling out his Johnson, pointing to it, and telling them explicitly about his objectives. It’s also deceptive because it makes him look confident, sure of himself, and attractive to women when, as described above, he’s not actually confident, socially adept, or interesting at all.

If the night goes really well, he takes home a pretty girl and she sleeps with him, never the wiser. The next day, however, she discovers that he’s not actually a confident, interesting, socially adept guy. He’s actually kind of introverted, nerdy, anxious, and boring. She was tricked! If Jimbo had been himself last night, she would have identified him as a loser she doesn’t want to sleep with right away and could have moved on to other guys. She was therefore an unwilling participant in the sexual encounter, and was thus raped.

The lesson: It is completely immoral to put on any kind of act or front that makes you seem more attractive to women. If your are unconfident, awkward, or boring, you absolutely must lead with that and not pretend to be socially adept, confident, and interesting in an attempt to bed girls. That is lying and is not cool.

As an aside to the above, in the morning, after the girl’s makeup had rubbed off all over Jimbo’s pillow, it turns out that she was a 6 and not a 9, and was 34 years old and not 26. However, as we all know, it is completely immoral and bigoted for a man to consider a woman’s appearance and age when evaluating a prospective match, and a woman’s attempts to disguise these things are actually quite heroic, because they help ignorant men to ignore their unreasonable bias against ugly old hags.

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