One of the best things about the Red Pill is its raw unfiltered masculinity. The Red Pill isn't going to waddle around obese as fuck in crocks like Dean Esmay. The Red Pill isn't going to give up on lifting and start pretending that muscles don't get you laid. The Red Pill is never going to tone police itself like Men's Rights at the request of feminists. However, that raw masculinity is a double edged sword and if the Red Pill feels like you are selling out, it's going to angrily wave its cock at you, even if you are the emperor of cock waving: GayLubeOil.

Now, I'm not here to repudiate anyone for Monday's cock waving. We all enjoy waving our cocks, me especially and I understand that cocks are going to be waved back in my face from time to time. You live by the troll you die by the troll. However, moving forward I want to explain my plans for Red Pill, YouTube, and beyond so that we can get back to waving our cocks together.

A month ago, I was convinced that Chairman Pao was going to karate chop the Red Pill into oblivion. Yes we would have but without access to Reddit's vast user base and the FeeFees of SJW's who won't stop talking about us, our growth would be halted. Our talent pool would disperse, our cultural impact would be mitigated, and we would become irrelevant. In our darkest moment, a certain Neanderthal crawled out from his cave and prayed for our destruction.

The last thing I wanted to happen was let the Red Pill Trigger Train grind to a halt, so I devised three strategies to keep the Trigger Train moving in the event of a ban. The first was to publish The Red Pill Handbook in a physical unbannable hard copy. The plan was to use the publicity of a ban to get the mainstream media taking about our book. That way we could keep the conversation going and the Red Pill growing. Although the idea had the full support of the community it was unfeasible because of intellectual property rights issues.

My next strategy is to diversify to YouTube which has a broader audience and can trigger far more snowflakes. The current Manosphere line up is Davis Aurini doing his best to look Kane from Command and Conquer and a whole bunch of dudes like this. The way to beat the Laci Greens of YouTube is by being funny, charismatic, and not taking yourself too seriously. I know that GayLubeOil can do a much better job. I also know some interesting personalities like Artemis Dolgan and Bradley Martyn, who enjoy my content and have expressed an interest in being part of the channel. I know I have the ingredients for something awesome, which is why I'm currently raising money for filming and editing by selling shirts.

One of the most frequent criticisms of the Red Pill subreddit by the Red Pill subreddit is that we are flooded with low quality content. This is a product of the democratic Reddit platform. Anyone can click submit. Which is why every week there will be another Indian post, Should I Tell My Friend about TRP Post, and NAWALT post. The only way to solve this problem is to cherry pick the best talent from TRP and incentivize them to write by paying them so its not stagnant like Already Red. The platform would be similar to AVFM with merchandizing and reasonable non intrusive advertising. However, there will not be a forum as I don't want to fracture the TRP user base and create conflicts of interest. Much of the Manosphere is rage bait, click bait, pay walls, and affiliate marketing. I want to move away from that and publish quality thought provoking content, that advances the philosophy and helps men. Through my Skype fitness consultations I have met a lot of talented professionals who are currently helping me execute this project. In addition, many Endorsed Contributors and talented writers have signed up and we will be seriously fucking up neanderthals in a couple of months.

I believe in the Red Pill, that's why I spent hundreds of hours Skyping anyone who wanted help for free. However, for me to advance the Red Pill philosophy beyond forums and into a multi media triggerfest I need starting capital for publishing, cinematographers, illustrators, and weapons to invade feminist New Zealand. That's why I commissioned a professional artist to design a shirt that would appeal to the median 22 year old Red Piller. The design is a reference to the classic painting Allegory Of Prudence. From the experience of the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoil future actions. In other words All Women are Like That.

If you are need of fitness help send me a PM.
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