Germany taking a big step against Cuckoldry

August 30, 2016

tldr: Women in Germany could be legally forced to reveal to their husbands if their children are the product of an affair with another man if new legislation goes through.

The controversial measure will force women to divulge acts of adultery or infidelity during a relationship.

The measure would apply when men who had supported a child, believing that they were the father, sought financial redress in court.

Germany has already been taking similar male paternity rights steps recently. In April, Germany’s courts ruled that children cannot force men they suspect of being their biological fathers to undergo a DNA test. They can only oblige their legal fathers to undergo testing.

There wasnt much response on Twitter to this news. Most were positive including women. Though there were a few of these tweets, all from women:

@BBCWorld @BBCNews wow, if he already formed a long relationship w/the child.He basically adopted the child.Not fair2 the child to back out.

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