Girl I am seeing gets visibly upset when I take out a condom..

September 11, 2017

Ok so a little background..

This girl I attempted to date 3-4 years ago used to constantly blow me off and play games with me. ( I was in college and she was 25 and fairly hot.. (Probably 8-9))..

I used to constantly invite her places, and all she attempted to do was get free food out of me.. "Do you like sushi?" Etc..

So anyway.. flash to now I have my own business with a few employees, and I'm at my peak (I'm 32)... She is now turning 30, still living with her parents and still selling insurance, getting free vacations from old people whenever she can..

We went on a few dates.. she LITTERALLY was telling me.. "well I'm turning 30 soon so I don't have a lot of time."... followed by "oh you have a business now? How much money do you make, how many people do you employ etc..." (followed by... oh I have a week off let's go on vacation... hint hint)

The tipping point was when I casually mentioned that I was cancelling a date because I had to go shopping for a condo downtown... she FORCED me to meet her later that day.. after a movie she invited me to her parents place (They were gone on vacation)... I told her I needed to go home but she literally kept pouring me shot after shot after shot... after a while she said let's go upstairs and watch a movie.. so 20 seconds upstairs she strips naked and starts poking her face into my face... I kind of felt obligated to kiss her but her neediness was just weird.. like there was no passion.. it was just mechanical as if she was a machine with an objective.. so anyways a few minutes of foreplay I reach into my bag and get a pack of condoms...

This is when things changed...

The look on her face can only be described as utter disappointment...

Her: "Are you afraid of getting me pregnant?"

Me: yea kind of like... you don't really know me and having a kid right now would be a bad idea (and they would probably have hooves)"

Her: "But I was just on my period it's ok you don't need to use one I'm clean"..

Me: "Ummm I would prefer to be responsible right now, I like you but this is way too early and we need to be smart"

At this point of time I was starting to get kind of nervous as she was becoming visibly angry..she for several minutes tried to convince me not to wear a condom as if her life depended on it.. I kind of figured this was not going well..

After several more minutes of me trying to explain to her that I'm not fucking without a condom, I flat out told her I have no money and got my shit and started to the door...

After first feigning with the whole "Ok just go", she realized I wasn't kidding, and she SPRINTED after me.. "No wait... arent you going to have sex with meeeeeee?????"

It felt really really weird....

I just got into my car and drove away...

morals of the story:

1 the wall is real 2 women do have agendas (especially hot ones) 3 be very very careful as one night can ruin your life. 4 trp is life..

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