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Girls just want to have fun

February 26, 2015

The Red Pill is a relatively new phenomenon, but the need for the Red Pill is as old (or older) than many of us. In 1983, I was a toddler. I’m older than a lot of you, younger than some. That year, Cyndi Lauper recorded the iconic song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” The lyrics playfully talk about a girl coming home after being out all night (presumably getting fucked), guys calling for her at all hours, and her parents disapprove, but they don’t understand, because girls just want to have fun. Some boys want to hide a beautiful girl away, but she wants to bask in the sun flaunting herself to the boys. When the working day is done, girls just want to have fun.

Fun fact – the original lyrics to this iconic hit from the 80s were written by a guy named Robert Hazard, and the song was originally about a player cad cruising about, crushing vag. He’d come home late at night, presumably after fucking girls, get scolded by his parents, and exclaim that the girls just want to have fun. That’s all they want. Lauper found the original lyrics to this song to be misogynistic, so she rewrote them to the ones summarized in the first paragraph, intending them to be an anthem for young women. Oddly, they’re even more misogynistic her way.

Housewives galore, my mother included, did aerobics classes in psychedelically colored leotards to this song, while reminiscing and gossiping about all the guys they fucked in the 60s and 70s during their hippie days in high school and college. And badmouthing their clean-cut, hardworking husbands who put on conservative dark suits and white dress shirts every day to go sit in an office and pray that the recession didn’t cost them the jobs that were supporting their wives and kids and paying for their tenuous middle class lifestyle. Even as early as the 60s, hard-working, responsible men who provided for their families were boring. A laughingstock when women were alone together. A necessary evil.

This didn’t stop women who’d fucked their way through college (after earlier women fought for their right to be there) from settling down and marrying a stable guy. Sure beats working. Work sucks, and girls just want to have fun.

Hazard knew what was up, or at least the character in his song did. The original message in those lyrics was meant for guys, not girls. Girls already knew they wanted to have fun. They’d been having fun for awhile. It was men in the 70s and 80s who needed to get a clue. The song didn’t go, “Girls just want to fuck a guy with a middle class job.” You couldn’t say fuck on the radio.

The 70s and 80s were burdened with feminism. First-wave feminism was awesome. Women needed to be able to vote and own property and not be second-class citizens. Second-wave feminism was better than the shit we have today, but was considerably more retarded than first-wave feminism. Apparently, keeping house while the husband works wasn’t the standard because it makes logical sense for the person who doesn’t get pregnant to be the one relied upon for income. It was the standard due to systemic sexism. The world definitely had to do away with that. The line’s a little blurry where second-wave feminism ends and third-wave feminism begins, but the third wave is essentially just planting a victory flag as far up the ass of society as possible, because they already won equality decades ago, so now it’s time to normalize being a slut. Girls just want to have fun.

Mark my words, if we don’t have a war or something else significant to shock the world in the interim, in another decade or two, one-sided poly marriages will be a somewhat common thing. Sexless men who are just happy to have a wife, marrying women who are free to go fuck whoever they want. Because trying to use marriage to own and control women is a patriarchal relic from the past. If men want to commit to women, that’s fine, but they’d better check their privilege and not think that marrying someone means they own that vagina. It’s her vagina, to fuck whoever she wants. Not her husband’s. He should be thrilled when she comes home ready to bear kids for him to help raise. That’s why he married her. For a family, right? Be a real man. Marry a woman and support her family for her.

The old regime died decades ago. Women get free birth control through their insurance. They have jobs and support themselves, scholarships designated just for them, sexist programs designed to put more of them into various fields independent of qualifications, and other ways to make life a bit easier for them. If they don’t have jobs or don’t make enough with the jobs they have, they get free insurance and free money from the government. And if a woman slips up and gets pregnant, she can get an abortion at will, no questions asked. Or if she knows who the father is, she can have the kid if she wants it, and the government will take a portion of his paycheck and send it to her. That portion isn’t based on her expenses. It’s based on how much money he makes. So she can spend a little time keeping track of his promotions and raises and get that amount increased periodically. If he’s ever a dime short, he goes to jail.

Women don’t need hard-working, responsible guys who support them any more. They didn’t need that in the 60s, they didn’t need it in the 80s, they don’t need it now. Girls just want to have fun.

Don’t go crazy now. You still have to be hard-working and responsible. For you, not them. Your job is to support yourself awesomely and be a badass, because being a badass is fun. Hey, guys want to have fun, too. Sucking and having a shit life is not fun.

But for them, your job isn’t to be hard-working and responsible. They want to have fun. They don’t need you to support them or save them or love them or cherish them. The world’s given them a safety net. You don’t need to be their soft place to land. They have that already. They won it fair and square. Society failed the shit test and gave women the farm. And now women don’t respect society any more. They piss all over society daily and still call it unfair and sexist, after all it’s done for them. Now they’re angling for two farms and a private island, and society will probably give it to them.

Your only purpose to women now is entertainment. Hard work? Responsibility? Support? Boring. Girls hate boring. Your job is to be fun. Girls want to have fun. If you’re not fun and interesting, they’ll fuck someone else. There are plenty of someone elses.

You young guys out there need to work harder than ever, for you. Get your awesome life in gear, for you, so when this bubble bursts, you’re on top. But on your down time, ride this third wave of slutty feminism as far as it can take you. Look hot, smile, be fun, and abdicate all appearances of work, responsibility, or love. Entertain them. Perform like a monkey. Stick your dick in them. Laugh at them inside your head. Then go home and keep working on that awesome life you’re building. It’ll be our secret.

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