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Give your girl shit. She deserves it.

February 23, 2015

A fundamental component in maintaining an air of dominance is in being in a perpetual state of Amused Mastery. By doing so you signal to others that you are well above their level of understanding of the system and you find their inability to maneuver it humourous. You are much like a father to his children, a type of bond that creates comfort in the child. This rather unsurprisingly works similarly in sexual relationships.

Take a typical exchange with a potential romantic partner. She makes a comment that could easily be ignored, but has a hint of her hamstering her reality (eg. "I don't date players/assholes"). Your response should be to give her shit for it, because you know better. You see her game and are more than ready for it. Pair it with a knowing smirk and you've disarmed her completely. Take the following responses:

1) "They're somehow only assholes after you're done with them"
--> Tranlastion: You and I both know better, you like confident assholes

2) "Good thing I'm not looking to date you"
--> Translation: I'm not your Beta Bux, but I'll gladly be the Alpha Fux you're looking for

3) "And I never have sex with women until I'm ready to get down on one knee"
--> Translation: You and I both know better. I know how you operate, and it's not what you're saying.

In any event, the specifics of the answer don't matter, so long as the theme is one where you demonstrate you're not taking her seriously, because she is not your equal. This is your frame that you need to work her into. Once there it's easy to further assert your dominance and get her to play by your rules.

Even in the context of LTR's this type of behaviour works well. Your best means of maintaining your dominant frame is to give her shit, even when she's not actively shit-testing you. The type of behaviour will vary based on your personality, some guys are more actively humourous, others more stoic.

To use a personal example, I was at the gym with my LTR. I was trying to help put some muscle on her 110 lb frame. I was getting her to do some tricep dips, conversation went as follows:

LTR does 1 full rep of the dips, struggling
Me: Counting "1..."
LTR does half-hearted second rep, almost at failure
Me: "1.5..."

She breaks out into laughter and gives me the shoulder jab.

These are the types of interactions a fully confident Alpha behaves in, because he knows that women are just children to be toyed with. And they absolutely love it. One of the best compliments I've ever received was "I love that you don't take me seriously". It shows that you are the dominant figure.

That's what she deserves, after all.

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