Go to BED Bro

July 3, 2019

I just finished reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. I'm not here to promote the book or anything, but I really liked it and would recommend it. With that said, that book really opened my eyes even further to the importance of sleep.

For some background, I've been pretty interested in and followed sleep science and protocols for the last 4 years or so, because I've had issues with sleeping. We all know sleep is important, for gains, and for focus, and general health, but I really think a lot of guys especially here don't realize how big it really is.

Note: this is going off memory, and won't be perfectly exact stats, but all the exact figures are available and sourced directly in that book


People who get 8 hours of sleep vs those who get less than 6, get 5% raises annually vs 2.5%

Naps as short as 26 minutes can improve focus by 50% according to NASA which translates well to productivity


Pretty self explanatory,

Memory retention, helps prevent Alzheimers, heart disease etc.


Those who got deficient sleep were rated as being less attractive (compared to when they were less rested)

Insufficient sleep lowers testosterone- This is critical. Not getting enough sleep literally makes you less of a man. Less likely to get girls, more of a pussy, literally less of a man

Sleep Hygiene

No electronics in the bedroom.

No light or lowlight before bed. Avoid LEDs especially because of the strong blue light

No nicotine or alcohol before bed. Aldehyde and ketones which are by products of alcohol fuck with REM sleep which is critical for memory and other stuff. It takes a while to process those by products.

Sleep and wake up at the same time every day if possible.

Cool or even cold bedroom 65 degrees F is ideal for most.

Decompress before bed, not in bed. Take 30 minutes to read or whatever relaxes you

Hot showers before bed help, by letting you release more heat and cool your core temp which helps you sleep.

Give yourself an 8 and a half hour sleep opportunity. This means being in bed not necessarily asleep. Doesn't mean spending time on your phone


Wrote this in a bit of a hurry, but I got my point across. I usually like to write about getting girls, but apparently if you're not sleeping enough, you won't remember shit about what I wrote and girls are going to think you look like shit. Go to Bed bro.

PS 30 minute to 1 hour naps after lunch are natural and encouraged, and this is extra real authentic science. Check it out

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