Dear TRP Community,

I must start off with a general disclaimer as to why I'm posting this here: I was heavily involved in the online TRP community over a year ago now, and focused much of my time and energy on seeing reality for what it really was. I felt I had learned as much as possible from reading, discussing and posting, and began to leave behind TRP to live my life. I think this is something everyone will experience as they have really 'swallowed the pill'. Anyway..

I believe TRP is the only community where reality is looked at at face-value, with no bias or slant. Everything is just taken for what it really is.

Here is my problem: I have been solicited for (gay) sex by a wealthy man. Cutting to the chase, the proposition is as follows:

  • 3 or 4 nights spent together per week over 6 months
  • $150k cash paid in monthly installments.
  • Transfer of an apartment valued at ~$450k upon conclusion of the 6 months.

Now.. What would you do? It is extremely fucked and and messing with my head. I want to do it. That amount of money will really give me an opportunity to get ahead in life. However, if I can't deal with the psychological implications of it, it will fuck me over forever.

I see myself as very calculated, in strong control of my emotions, dominant -- your typical 'Already Red' man. I'm after your advice, critique and any ideas you might have for me to deal with this situation. What redpill stances can I use to my advantage? -- as I am going to be the equivalent of the female in this relationship..

Sorry if that is fucked up. It's hard for me to get out and explain concisely.