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Good news: no one gives a shit about you.

November 7, 2017

Sometimes a very simple observation can make all the difference.

It wasn't complicated for some dude to observe that gym embarrassment is stupid, because no one is watching you, but that post rocketed up because it's true, and it's important.

So important that we need to talk more about it.

Many of you, many of everyone, are being held back from doing what you want to do by fear of what other people will think.

Hammer this through your tiny brains:

  • If you do something that might invite ridicule or hatred, probably no one is watching.
  • If they are watching, they probably don't care.
  • If they do care, they probably won't say or do anything.
  • If they do say or do something, it probably won't stick if you don't act ashamed or apologetic.
  • If it does stick, it will only stick until the next shiny object distracts them.

Humans are fantastically unobservant, and fantastically uncaring, because everyone is absorbed in their own lives. The universe is a flood of information, 99.999999999999999999999...% of it is irrelevant to us, and our brains must filter it ruthlessly for us to function at all. Every stupid thing you do, every time you fail, everyone moment that you remember and cringe... no one else remembers it. They just don't care enough.

Don't believe me? Think of a friend, fellow student, or co-worker who you see almost every day. What colour shirt was he wearing yesterday?

Yeah, you have no idea.

Still don't believe me? Go to work or school with your shirt on inside-out, with the seams showing. Watch how long it is before someone notices, if anyone ever does. If someone does point it out, look down, shrug, and go "Meh. Oops.", and go right back to what you were doing. Note how fast business as usual resumes.

No one cares if you screw up, not unless you have enemies who are waiting for you to screw up (and you're not Donald Trump or /u/redpillschool, so you don't).

Get this through your head: Publicity is hard. It is almost impossible to get people to care, even when you are putting forth your best efforts to publicize and make them care. The constant scrutiny you are afraid of doesn't exist.

No one is watching.

No one is watching.

No one is watching.

Go do what you were afraid to do.

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