Good response to a feminist who drags out the old "77 cents on the dollar" argument...

June 1, 2015

We're all aware of the misinformation surrounding the "women earn 77 cents to the dollar" myth that has been perpetuated by feminists over the last 40 years. It's easy enough to dispute this - the myth has been fairly well debunked, and it takes about 10 minutes on the Internet to prove it.

But what is more fun, and makes a more lasting impression, is the reply I give to women who still try to pass off this old chestnut as though it were about discrimination. My reply to "Women still only earn 77 cents to the male dollar", is "Must be nice."

The typical response to my reply ranges from complete bafflement to utter outrage, but whatever reaction I get, there is a visible increase in her blood pressure that gives me an almost physical feeling of pleasure.

Usually it takes a moment or two, but my conversation partner eventually manages to ask what I mean by my reply. (With varying degrees of vitriol...)

The logic is very simple. The current wage gap is described largely by choices women make about their careers. They choose professions that earn less, and they choose to work fewer hours at those jobs. Lower paying professions typically require less education, are less demanding, and are less stressful than the professions that pay more. Of course, the professions they choose not to engage in still must be done. So who does the hard work? Men, of course. They do the work women don't want to do, and die (97% of work fatalities are men) while doing it. They don't have the choice women do to opt out. So I say again. Must. Be. Nice.

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