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Guy friends are for social and emotional support. Women are for fucking.

July 6, 2016

​One of the more common traits among loser guys that can’t get laid is social awkwardness. Social awkwardness is one of the greatest turn-offs to women, second only to being ugly. However, while being ugly is technically a larger handicap with the ladies, a lack of social skills is an even more crippling deficit overall, due to the fact that poor social skills affect every single other aspect of your life in a much more pronounced way.

We all know one or two ugly dudes who somehow bang girls. But social retards that are getting laid are a much rarer find. Social retards are the ones that end up snapping and raping people or shooting up universities. And when a socially awkward guy gets lucky and ends up in a relationship, things nearly always go terribly.

The reason is actually pretty simple: Social retards have trouble making friends. Their body language and posture and facial expressions are weird. They talk about strange things and use unusual language to do so. Their vocal inflections are off. Sometimes, they say inappropriate things. They don’t emote when they should. Or they do emote, but not appropriately based on the interaction. When other people are talking about normal stuff in a normal way, they just kind of stand there and don’t have anything to contribute, or they over-contribute in tangential ways and try too hard. They’ve been rejected their entire lives, so they’re shy and don’t walk up and engage people at a gathering. When they do, they get clingy and follow the first person who will talk to them around all night instead of working the room properly.

They’re just off-putting. It’s unattractive behavior. People don’t like them. People don’t invite them to things. People are less inclined to hire them, promote them, patronize their business, refer clients to them, and so on.

As socially awkward losers age, they learn coping skills. I guess you could say that they grow out of their awkwardness, at least a little bit, and find their groove in life. They have a few close friends – often friends from childhood that they’ve kept over the years. They have a few less close friends – usually co-workers, neighbors, or other people they’ve met and clung to purely based on proximity. A lucky few even manage to land a girlfriend, though things usually end or turn unhappy pretty quickly.

Socially awkward men suffocate their women. They’re clingy, needy, and off-putting. At first, it’s kind of endearing how the guy is around all the time and dotes on her, but this rapidly wears thin. Because socially awkward losers don’t have many friends, they don’t have anywhere else to go or anybody else to hang out with. They’re always around. Always calling, always texting, they want to go out every single weekend. They don’t have anyone or anything else going on in their lives. From the moment this girl agreed to the first date, she’s been the central focus of his life.

This is reflected in his behavior. He’s always so polite, respectful, nice, but he does this mostly because he’s afraid of offending her, driving her off, screwing things up. He’s always paying for shit and doing nice “thoughtful” things, for the same reasons. He’s trying so hard to hide who he really is that he’s actually kind of boring. He doesn’t really escalate toward sex because he’s more interested in maintaining the relationship than fucking, which is actually a big turn-off.

Toward the twilight of the relationship, she starts to pull away, and he alternates between clinging tighter and lashing out. She’s worn out from his neediness, because unlike she initially expected when dating a man, he hasn’t been using her primarily for sex. He’s been using her for everything. Friendship, emotional support, validation, entertainment. He doesn’t have any friends, so in addition to being his girlfriend, he’s been trying to make her his best friend, his primary source of emotional support, his primary social outlet, his primary source of intellectual stimulation.

It’s too much. She just wanted to date a cute guy, have some fun, have some sex, and see where things went, and this loser is simply too emotionally needy. Due to his social awkwardness, he doesn’t have any other sources of emotional support in his life, and he’s stuck relying on one woman for all of that. And we know how reliable women are when it comes to supporting men in need.

The toxic blue pill world tells us that we’re supposed to date and eventually marry our best friend. That relationships aren’t about sex – they’re about intimacy. That we should focus on personality, common interests, intelligent things to talk about – essentially that we should spend all of this time trying to be friends with women we want to fuck.

That’s not fair to women. You can’t do that to a person. It’s not right. You can’t expect one person to be your emotional support network and your love interest at the same time. That’s a huge burden, and women don’t want to carry it when there’s a guy just as cute as you, or cuter, who’s willing to give her a no-strings-attached deep dicking, then go back to his own friends and social network instead of suffocating her.

If you don’t have friends – guy friends – then you need to get out and meet people. Make friends. Grow a social network. Get yourself some things to do, places to be, people to see, and guys you can talk to. Stop relying on women for friendship and emotional support. They’re not up to the task. Women are for fucking. They prefer it that way.

Escape the blue pill mentality of trying to be emotionally intimate with your sex partners and just fuck them. It’s okay to rely on different people for sex and emotional support. Women have been doing it for years.

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