Habits and Momentum

April 19, 2018

Life is all about momentum and habits. When you feel down, you will feel compelled to do things that will bring you more down. For example, when you’re having a lazy day, all you want to do is rest and stay in bed. If you give into staying in this, your mind will next rationalize ‘i’m already in bed, and don’t really have anything pertinent to do, how about I jack off to some porn?’ - No.

The key is snapping out of the comfort of doing nothing and holding no responsibility. The next time you’re compelled to do nothing, negotiate with yourself to do a little bit of something that amounts to a win. Then, the next time do more of that.

As men, we must accept responsibility to do things that will advance our position in life. That is one of the things that make us men. These are things like lifting, meditating, reading/studying, and consciously socializing.

Maybe you’ll need to start small, but do something to snap yourself out of the rut you may be in. Remember, constant steady progress trumps sporadic bursts of progress. You can start to read every day for just 5 minutes, then increase it to 10 after this has been cemented as a habit. Then raise from 10 to 15 and onwards.

The key is building a habit and then riding the momentum to propel you into an improved self. Then, once you’re that improved self, improve even more. Never stop improving. Slow but persistent progress, compounds to great returns in the future.

Everyone reading this has the potential within them to succeed by forming solid habits, yet too many men in our society are squandering. Ask yourself, are you going to pull yourself up or fall like the rest of them?

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