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Have you read the new Ontario Sex Ed curriculum? It discusses anal sex with 12-year-olds

February 25, 2015

The curriculum is comprised of two documents, one for grades 1-8 and another for grades 9-12 (links below). There is a lot of material in these two documents, roughly 500 pages. Much of it is quite innocent - how to properly dress for summer, how to do physical activity safely etc. However, scattered throughout are some parts that seem to be picked straight from a gender studies feminist manifesto. I've skimmed through the entire thing and took screenshots:

Yes means yes.

Don't be heterosexist.

Don't be ableist.

Generate outrage through social media to achieve change in society.

Drunk person can't give consent & Anything other than enthusiastic consent means no.

Definition of "normal" is arbitrary & Introducing non-binary gender identity.

Children are shown pictures of genitalia, this is first grade material.

Fat acceptance & Challenging stereotypes (heteronormative of course).

Teaching non-binary gender identity & Talking about gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Violence against boys does not exist.

Uneven balance of power makes a dangerous relationship.

Ask for consent at every stage of sex.

And finally, so you don't think I was trolling you in the title:

Discussing anal sex with students, this is 7th grade material.

Another lesson about the anal sex, again 7th grade.

Since TRP is about sexual environment for men, I thought this was relevant enough to post here. Whole new generation of boys and girls will be taught material that was up until yesterday reserved for shock sites. What I noticed by reading the curriculum is fixation on consent and safety. Also, teachers are supposed to say that "normal" means nothing, but then turn around and say that feeling anxiety or having mental illness is normal. The idea is clear - it is about redefining what normal is. Instead of children being allowed to be pure and innocent, the school will teach them what sodomy is.

The curriculum also teaches children to challenge everyone who questions these feminist values. This is a very powerful tactic that prevents parents from reversing feminist indoctrination. For example, your daughter comes home from school, where she was just taught what masturbation is and what a penis and vulva look like. When you comment that someone is "nuts", she will interject and say that mental illness is not laughable and may report you to the teacher for discrimination (kids are advised to speak with a "trusted adult" when they experience such situations, which most likely means teacher or the police).

Just like in 1984, kids will be the most powerful surveillance tool of the government.

The article says that this curriculum was stopped 5 years ago by a "vocal minority", probably a handful of sane people.

Yesterday, we laughed at "woodkin asexual fluidgender transdragon entity" tumblrina. Tomorrow, this will be taught in schools. The future is here, gentlemen.

The link to the news article is here. However, since the article contains embedded documents which may not display properly in an Archive Today link, here are direct download links to the curriculum: Part 1 and Part 2. Download them and see for yourself.

Bonus content for the observant: the reporter, Ashley Csanady, put one picture as her profile picture but looks 50 pounds heavier in the video. It's like she wants to toe the feminist agenda but realizes that being skinny is more attractive and gives advantages.

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