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Having a mission vs having a woman in your life

July 12, 2014

I've thought about this a lot and concluded that you either have a woman by your side or a mission in front of you.

A woman will always try to domesticate and micromanage you (AWALT), not realizing that what she is trying to change was what attracted her to you in the first place. The pussy is always the ultimate reward and there are numerous demands made on a man if he wants to get it. Eventually, it may turn out he will have to give in to even the silliest demands of a woman. This can take the form of shaming so you change your manners, drop your hobbies, even your haircut (had all of these happen to me). After the change is completed, she walks away since now you're just a non-sexual object toward which she feels no desire (AWALT, this didn't happen to me, I dumped her). Though, later you might be graced with supporting her post-Wall ass (this is yet to happen to me, will be met with swift ridicule).

The solution is "Game" or Game, depending on how new you are to the Red Pill. Both are ways to avoid obligations and get pussy without changing yourself. "Game" I consider to be for newbs who think there are codewords, basically magical things you can say to have access to that sweet, juicy pussy. If you failed, well, you just didn't try hard enough or didn't say the words with the right tone of voice, had the wrong fedora etc. Game on the other hand is when you realize there are no shortcuts to anything in life, when you start putting effort into yourself. In fact, any approach to women that is produced by effort is Game. Eventually, all newbs using "Game" will graduate to using Game, unless they are lazy fucks and want to coast with minimal effort their whole lives. In both cases, the idea is to reduce resistance and demands women give when approached and basically say: "Look at how fun I am, let's get dirty, don't even try to lock me down, if you don't want me, that's cool, I have other options".

We need that wild side to fulfill the Mission, whatever it might be, but also to bust the nut repeatedly with some tight pussy. TRP tries to reconcile the two sides of the equation by proposing that plates be spun, oneitis rejected and women carefully vetted before LTR.

Ideally, you want a woman by your side that will, at worst, not hamper your mission and provide pussy, or at best, help you in your mission and provide pussy aka. a unicorn.

The society at large does not recognize, care nor mention that men have or can have a Mission at all - men are simply considered an appendage of women, to provide, serve and protect the "master gender". This is something I vividly noticed during recent major flooding in my country. TV ads were going round the clock reminding men (and men only!), how it's the time of need, "apply to the workforce NOW, the weak and the helpless cry out to YOU" and similar nonsense, while men largely ignored that and carried on with their routine as soon as they could. Those who did help (kayakers, policemen, firemen etc.) were featured in the media, but always in minor roles - women and children that "lost everything WAAA" were always given center stage.

This is not a surprise nor a shock to me or anyone else who read the sidebar. Men are disposable, they always were and always will be. Women are precious gems and snowflakes that need to be kept and provided for at all costs, even if their sluttery destroys everything. Are you surprised that Obamacare has free birth control for women, but no such equivalent for men, free prostate exams or what have you (going off of memory, no citation will be given)?

So, the Mission is something the society doesn't care about, doesn't acknowledge (unless it benefits women, of course) and will in general oppose and restrict wherever and whenever possible, to encourage the other solution - settling down and domestication. Mothers and grandmothers will push for (great)grandchildren, even brothers and fathers might try to strongarm you into wedding when you don't want to. Interestingly enough, this opposition makes fulfilling the Mission even more exciting.

How valid do you think this reasoning is? What is your woman like? What is your Mission like?

Thanks for reading.

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