Summary:Coming off of monk mode and looking to start approaching but like all who recently took the pill I have a few questions.

Body:I found TRP two weeks ago and it pretty much shattered a lot of my beliefs. I read the entire side bar and certain things like hypergamy and the difference in the ways women love was pretty big.

Any way I went into monk mode as best as I could with my limitations (I'm 16). I realized i'm dependent on my mother for everything so I got a job, read the drivers manual three times over, and was already serious about lifting before i found this place.My Future goals is learning how to fight (tough neighborhood) and some kind of instrument and language.

Now to my questions. There was a cute girl at the mall around my age (maybe a year older). I completely hamstered my way out of approaching which made me feel like shit especially that I had gotten a girls number after a warm approach which is waaaaay easier. I had like no anxiety on the warm approach and recognized and passed a shit test which felt great.

So I just want some tips on just going up to girls and talking to them. I was thinking about just going up to her and saying "hey beautiful come here often", but then got scared and wondered if calling her beautiful would come of as desperate or beta or even creepy. Is it OK to open with complements like that? Once i get started i'm normally pretty good at keeping a convo going and even escalating ( Its like i put on a mask to a different me sometimes with words. I still suck at kino...) but what does it matter if i can't start.