I can't understand how any of you here would commit to a girl who's had even 1 partner before you. Our culture is so far gone that some shameless wannabe "alphas" even say that 5 previous partners is okay with them. Every macho culture across the world (including 1950's America) concluded that non-virgin girls were garbage for marriage, but "trp alphas" see absolutely no problem with that.

I've gained so much knowledge from reading the sidebar as well as reading posts by some endorsed users but if I were to be honest, a lot of people on this sub have low standards. Part of the reason why our culture has encouraged unrestrained hypergamy and low quality women is that men dropped their standards and accepted the bullshit liberal-progressives put out.

How many men need to get burned by jezebels and harpies before we arrive to the same conclusion as our ancestors that promiscuous women are trashy and destroy the nuclear family? How many damaged kids do single-parent households need to produce before we can conclude that children without fathers are detrimental to society and cause an increase in crime and infectious diseases?

I know that TRP is not a subreddit for social change like r/ mensrights but it causes me undue stress to see ignoramuses here saying that it's okay to marry/LTR women with high n-counts.