High Quality Problems

January 4, 2020

If you're already high value, you'd definitely enjoy more success if chicks could handle being around you from start to finish; they almost alwazys become insecure/nervous because you're too relaxed and they (often) take it as irrefutably patronizing.

The Best way to deal with this is to remain open to anything happening; good or "bad". Once she knows she can leave anytime with 0 downside; overt or subtle she'll be more inclined to stay. Then your focus is just on:

  1. Having fun

  2. Making her aware of the fact that your focus is having fun

  3. Getting her to contribute


#1 is obvious: fun is the ultimate currency in social environments so if you release your grip on other agendas and learn to have Genuine fun when out with other people you become an emotional millionaire. Then you just gotta calibrate it so you're not doing anything at your own expense or infringing upon others with friction (vs. ironic intimidation mocking insecure assholes & highlighting your relaxed approach).

#2 Some Betas get that girls just wanna have fun and will reluctantly employ it as a tactic: "people suck & i just wanna get my dicc whet so fine I'll plae along". so if girls sense any sexual intent (which you should have) they're bound to screen to see if you're the real deal:

Are you really just trying to have fun? Regardless of the outcome? Yes, whilst also leading the interaction to greater intimacy.

bUT wHy NOt jUsT HavE fUnN.

Well you can do that if u want; & it certainly helps at first when getting used to offering value instead of vagrantly clasping at self-image validation or "sex".

But fun [emotionally charged interaction] between polarized men & women usually culminates in physical intimacy. This is pretty much inevitable as the frame between yous evolves from:

Stranger Danger > Intéressant individual > impromptu friend > Source of significant arousal;

with each advance in intimacy being further affirmed by its unlikely predecessor thus making deeper levels of involvement self-evident.

Your emotional pinging stops due to repeated positive experiences & from there you shoot up into a wagon-wheel like effect of unconditional acceptance of yourself & the other(s) in the interaction. So Why wouldn't you move things forward after that? It seems more inauthentic—saddening even, to call it quits (without an acceptablen reason & plans to continue/stay in touch) as the use of pretenses for emotional prevarication has already been eliminated by everyone tacitly refraining from excuses and being upfront; cajoling those who tried to retain this escape.

#3 Sinple really: Investment. Get her contributing genuinely then dynamically & your careful, deliberate, en-joyed responses will help her develop a sense of her own significance in the interaction.


These all work toward streamlining the structure of your interactions for a Lightweight, Non-judgemental & most importantly Experimental "frame". It opens an almost nerve-rackingly vast sandbox of spontaneity, which (with your social acuity) leads to bouncing around various islands of fun: conversational topics, back n forth polarising banter, wild erratic behaviour because you're the cool kids; irreverently manufacturing your own good time, without going Gauche. Once you get this down you'll be rubbing your hands in anticipation of going out later that day.

Results-wise you can expect girls (& guys) asking for your number/social media & why not? these are the characteristics of a Cool   Dude. And moving things forward from this space is buttery smooth thanks to the "Experiments in Fun" frame. A makeout, fondle, graphic descriptions of "what I'm gonna do to you later" is beyond fair game—we're not judging it as an objective fact, but for its subjective emotional stimulation in the interaction. In other words, the content is irrelevant as long as it adds value (energy). If it's out of step with the flavour of fun being had at the moment it'll be collectively recognised by a bottleneck (freeze, pause, stutter) that no one is willing to sustain and'll swiftly be discarded with light roasting, mocking facial expressions or other "you should know better" gestures.

the blunders are fine though cause everyone's on the way up. You just gonna be chill enough to dial it back abit after that and either get back on the same thread or rustle up a Purple Cow.

If you're going out regularly & want a more focused community within a community for your escapades then hit up The Game tribe over on TRP.red.


Splendid 🤝

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