Hillary’s Top Donor Just Bought The Onion — Started Publishing Propaganda Immediately

February 19, 2016

Summary: Hillary supporter's media conglomorate buys The Onion and publishes fake humor articles to support her. The mainstream media is untrustworthy. RIP The Onion.

Article here: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/hillarys-top-donor-buys-onion-starts-publishing-propaganda-immediately/

Most of you are familiar with The Onion. I've always loved how The Onion wrapped hard truths in humor, especially RP truths. Here are many examples:

They've also taken many searing jabs at Hillary in the past:

Unfortunately, the following has happened:

When it was revealed in January that satirical news outlet, The Onion, had been purchased by Univision Communications (which is co-owned by one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest fans, top campaign donor, and pro-Israel fanatic, Haim Saban), it was if the world suddenly held its breath to see if the move would be the outlet’s downfall.

Now, it appears we have our answer. On Tuesday, an apparent attempt at satirical understatement in actuality proved to be nothing less than a blatant propagandistic fluff piece touting Clinton’s ostensibly stellar career.

It didn’t work.

“Female Presidential Candidate Who Was United States Senator, Secretary Of State Told To Be More Inspiring,” read The Onion’s not-at-all-opaque headline. And the nauseating attempt at tongue-in-cheek praise didn’t stop there.

According to the short ‘article,’ Hillary’s media advisor, Jim Margolis, urged “the woman — who overcame entrenched societal biases to build a successful legal career, became the first female senator elected in the state of New York, oversaw the Department of State during a period of widespread international tumult, and, if elected, would be the first female president in American history — to be more uplifting to voters.”

We've already seen extreme media bias towards Clinton. Now it seems that even satire sites are not immune from political bias.

How is this related to TRP? I've submitted a warning in the past about how all men should be concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency and there have been plenty of other good submissions since (example 1, example 2). With the media behind her, there's a good chance that she'll clinch the presidency (unless she self-implodes like last time). If she's elected, get ready for some serious anti-male policies and more entitlements for women.

Lessons learned:

  • The MSM is becoming increasingly centralized, biased, and untrustworthy.
  • Even satire/humor sites are not immune from political bias.
  • The once-great The Onion, which used to be full of hard truths wrapped in humor, has become a propaganda vehicle for Hillary 2016.
  • For American men, it is time to start thinking about what it might be like to live in an increasingly feminist environment.

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