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Hitler's Lost Book: Ihre Kampf. Video Games and your struggle to give them up

November 24, 2021

Gonna be a lengthy post so sit down, relax and grab some popcorn, or a protein shake or something. Just not beer, refer to my esoteric testosterone post on why, otherwise you are a Not Gonna Make It (NGMI).

You aren't a NGMI are you anon?

As No Nut November is nearing its end, and Black Friday is coming up, the will of the beta is grinding down and they need to replace Riley Reid with something else.

Well, what could it be?

Funko pops? Yes, but no.

Fruit loops or lucky charms? Yes, but no.

Therapy with a fat, female, intellectually-uncurious physiatrist who herself is on meds and third marriage? Yes, but no.

(Side note: This is what the average guy with a ghey-ming station who tells you to seek therapy on reddit looks like).

It's video games. You knew this was coming boys.

Why do you still play video games anon? Seriously...why?

Don't you get it?

Video games used to made by gamers for gamers. Now it’s just corporate execs releasing annual products for their consumers.

Years ago, those gamers weren’t planning on implementing loot boxes, micro transactions or even thinking about a sequel, they just wanted to make a good game. Now, it's thoroughly controlled by corporate executives. And they do the opposite. They nickle and dime ghey-mers and wait until next year to do it all over again. Putting trans black soldiers in a WW2 game isn’t what a gamer does, it’s what a corporate executive does. Putting women as characters in a shooter game isn’t what a gamer implements, it’s what a corporate executive does.

It has been replaced by extortionate micro transaction systems, egregious skill based matchmaking, deluded historical revisionism such as black WW1 soldiers, or trans propaganda (last of us 2).

Can't you see it? Games prioritise virtue signalling over good quality games, and yet you still play them. Why?

I'll tell you why. Because deep down, you are still trying to chase that high you got from them when you were 12-16. You keep buying them annually, only be disappointed, swear them off and then come November, do it all over again. You try to relive the glory days, the highs you got, but deep down, you know they are truly gone. They died when gaming became corporatised, you just lie to yourself.

To a tiny select who need to play more video games, I hope you do,

You know who you ar

There’s a select few who genuinely need to play more video games

Ask yourself, are you playing too much video games? You know the truth. Are you playing more than you should.

There’s no better time to give up video games.

Find anything else as a hobby, something more productive. Go for a hike, meet up with an old friend, go on a date with an unsure girl, start a side huddle, do some stretches, go to the gym again, etc

Instead making your ps5 your plaything , Make crypto your plaything, or women. Similar stuff.


Can’t even remember what playing them last week felt like/was like.

Not the same as fucking a bitch, reading a book, having a good time with friends on night out.

It’s fleeting.

It barely gets saved as a distinct experience in our brains.

Now maybe you don’t see them in this way, maybe you never got to experience the golden age, and so this current age is all you know.

To that I say, lucky bastard and also unlucky bastard.

But anyway, I got you fam.

You grind and grind, unlock all kinds of things, level all your characters only for it to count for nothing by next year when they release another instalment of their franchise.

What is the point of that?

There’s some psychology here. Men are human doings. They derive purpose and pleasure through conquering and doing. Why do yo think games never give you everything unlocked right off the bat and say “well, go have your fun now. You can have everything you may need”.

Well because guys can’t have fun like that. They get their rocks off grinding and working for those unlocks.


You will never say I wished I played more video games

You will regret not fucking enough bitches, or not being consistent in the gym or never trying a side hustle. Or enough side hustles.

But one thing is for sure,

You’ll never regret not playing enough video games.

You won’t even remember it by next week:month.

Golden age of video games is over.

Bury it.

It has been replaced by extortionate micro transaction systems, egregious skill based matchmaking, deluded historical revisionism such as black WW1 soldiers, or trans propaganda (last of us 2).

As you can the golden age of video games is truly over.

Bury it.

And no better is the time to do so.

The world is on fire . Printing your ass into inflation, mandating doom juice (link to parasites found) for public health (or is it another reason, link of how congress owns Pfizer stock).

Or perhaps there is another reason?

Girls are hoeing it up and aren’t getting the fucking they deserve.

As you can see, world is in some trouble.

Wah wah everything in moderation.

If I have a moderate dose of U235, a little dose . It doesn’t change the nature of it. It’s still poison.

So the real question isn’t can I have something in moderation but can I afford to

If I’m 85, probably not. If I’m 21 probably.

Same thing with video games. If you are happy where you at, then yes . You can stop reading this and go play some.

(Well not quite, finish reading this first. Don’t want to waste that drink and plus might need some of you to comment and educate the gheys who’ll cry “but muh video games” in the comment).

Reddit post mentioned by thunder. We keep chasing the highs we got when we were 12-18 video games. Those aren’t coming back.

Deep down, you know I’m right.

So here’s the plan. Don’t buy on Black Friday

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