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How Many Corpses Do You Need To See?

June 23, 2015

Everyday The Red Pill shows you a fresh corpse. Sometimes its a man who's been reduced to a wage slavery by divorce. Sometimes it's a man who's career has been destroyed by the cult of political correctness. Sometimes its the victim of a false rape accusation. Very frequently it's a man who gave everything and was rewarded with front row tickets to his wife's sperm buffet extravaganza.

I call these men corpses because they are shadows of their former selves. They walk without meaning or purpose, engage in little thought and for the most part spend their lives doing what they are told. These men have been fucked so hard, they no longer value themselves. They don't believe they have the power to shape their destiny and have resigned themselves to accepting whatever fate they are dealt. Our world is filled with these men. You don't have to look far to find them because they are all around you.

Why are there so many corpses? Because men are disposable. They always have been and always will be. In the same way that Rome had no problem randomly killing every tenth man in the legion to promote discipline, modern corporations have no problem sacrificing men to promote feminist values in the workplace. The well being of men has always come in second place to society's objectives. There are more than enough mangled bodies buried in the earth to substantiate this fact.

Life isn't fair, especially if you have a penis. So what you need to understand as a man, is that you are under no obligation to play by the rules of the people who view you as an acceptable loss.

Is it wrong to emotionally and psychologically manipulate women? Maybe. But the media has no problem convincing your girlfriend to abandon you and ride a parade of baloney ponies until she finds herself. If you don't control her mind someone else will. If you don't engage in psychological puppetry, she will follow her tingles onto another man's sausage.

Is it wrong to cheat your way through placement tests and university? Probably. It certainly undermines the spirit of academia. But at the same time graduate schools have no problem throwing meritocracy out the window in favor of diversity. Its definitely in your interest to do anything in your power to win a rigged game.

Is it wrong to transfer all of you assets to a Lithuanian bank and move to Thailand to avoid the financial catastrophe that is American divorce? Certainly. But the system does not give a fuck about you and you should not give a fuck about the system.

There are many men out there who are going to disagree with my philosophy. My question for them is: how many corpses do you need to see, before you decide to save yourself? There are piles of nice guy corpses. There are mounds of easy going unassertive corpses. There are mountains of moral men who did the right thing and ended up in the heap. How many corpses do you need to see before you decide not to become a corpse?

Obviously my argument isn't going to convince everyone. I'd actually like to thank those of you who are unconvinced, the stubborn, moral, high minded intellectuals who are too good to push women and children out of life rafts. Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice. Maybe I can use your salty frozen corpse to persuade other men not to become a corpse.

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