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How Many Women?

October 1, 2018

Kitten is still struggling to come to terms with having to share my attention with FunSize, not to mention the occasional plate. FunSize, of course, is experienced at this, and has no issues, but Kitten feels threatened by her very presence, and won't talk to her for long enough to bond and stop seeing her as a threat.

Since Kitten is actually Dr. Kitten, PhD, she likes to intellectualize things that upset her, thinking about them in abstract terms rather than as they relate to her personally. This gives her emotional distance so she can cope. So the other day (I actually started writing this sometime back, so it was a while ago now), she hits me with this question:

"How does polygamy [by which she means polygyny] fit into evo psych? How did monogamy [by which she means monogyny] form?"

Fleshing out the gist of my answer into a compete description for TRP:

Polygyny is a mating strategy optimized for replacing combat losses, because one man can easily keep multiple women pregnant. It's used by warlike societies, or those with high male-specific mortality rates.

Monogyny is a mating strategy optimized for appeasing low-tier males, because it guarantees them a mate. It's used by peaceful societies which depend on beta male labour and cooperation for their prosperity.

Polygyny's effect upon the Sexual Marketplace is to increase the availability of apex males.

This benefits:

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