How the Feminine Imperative is Destroying Reddit... on Purpose

July 15, 2015

While I don't much care for the drama taking place in the greater reddit, we just recently saw a new announcement from our new CEO letting us know that we've just traded one master for another, and free speech is on the chopping block in favor of making reddit a safer, cleaner environment, absent the dark underbelly that erodes reddit's morals.

I thought it would be worth while to analyze what's going on here, because it's actually very relevant to what we study here at TRP.

Those of you unfamiliar with the term "Feminine Imperative," it basically boils down to this (borrowed from Rollo's blog):

The Feminine Imperative is the presumption of a feminine reality. It is a pervasive set of memes and conventions which shift the ownership of women’s personal liabilities for their sexual strategy to men.

It is this very imperative that defines the mainstream culture we live in today, shifting criticism and critique away from females and their strategy, and imposing values on men.

Looking at today's culture, just the discussion of female sexual strategy labels our board as women haters and sexists. Our entire political system is built around appeasing women and their made-up threats- the rape hysteria, the wage gap.

You are either found in accordance with the feminine imperative, or you are found committing political suicide.

It's the effect that produces these following nuggets:

  • If he cheats on her, he's an asshole. If she cheats on him, it was because he was an asshole.

  • If she has no-strings-attached sex with him, she's expressing her sexuality. If he has sex with her and won't commit, he's a asshole who used her.

  • If a man and woman are both drunk and have sex, he raped her.

All of these are "true" by social convention. It's obvious when you look for it, but it's "true" because most people aren't looking for it.

Rollo often refers to this as "the matrix" and it's where we've gotten our name "the red pill" from, which is breaking free from the feminine imperative to understand what is really taking place.

We ask ourselves, in what way do these views and beliefs help us? And we discover that they don't.

In the 90's there was an extreme push in our culture for men to get in touch with their softer side, to embrace feelings and focus on equality and communication with women. We were taught that the best way to attract a woman is to be open and honest and tell them how we feel. Don't be the macho asshole, be the underdog nice guy who understands your feelings. Anybody who wants to deny that would have at least two decades of movies and television shows to answer for.

The reasoning in our minds was that women were looking for this new version of masculinity- any why wouldn't we believe it? Feminism spent a lot of time convincing us that women were oppressed, and that it was men and masculinity keeping them down. So we believed them and did what they wanted.

And it created this world of peter pan boys who didn't grow up and needed a website to teach them what the hell being a man actually is.

This is the Feminine Imperative. And it survives and thrives off of two factors that I can think of:

  1. It utilizes the male's proclivity for wanting to comply with or help women in need in an effort to win her favor and have sex.

  2. It tirelessly breaks into male spaces to make sure number one can take place.

The feminine imperative cleverly disguises itself as morality, so once broken into a male space, it uses these mechanisms to inject feminine values and use social norms (or shaming) to try to temper the discourse and modify the tone.

From Rollo's Male Space:

Men unaccustomed to having women in their midst generally react in two ways; According to their proper feminized conditioning, they embrace the opportunity to impress these ‘trailblazing’ women (hoping to be found worthy of intimacy) with their enthusiastic acceptance of, and identification with, their feminine overseer(s), or they become easy foils of an “out moded” way of thinking that the new ‘in-group’ happily labels them with.

There is no coincidence that the new politically correct movement, and social justice warriors, and feminists all overlap. They all have one thing in common- they are to appease women above all.

And the end goal is easy to spot. When discussion is open and free, the danger that takes place is a new cultural morality that may take hold in a portion of the population. This is a direct threat to the feminine imperative. The very discussion of sexual strategy (and women) leads us to discover that most mainstream values and ideas are actually nothing more than a cover for women's behavior, and this type of discussion can only lead to less compliance by men, and ultimately disrupt the freedom that women have for their own sexual strategy (hypergamy).

So they tone police and frame it as morality, but make no mistake the end goal is to prevent discussion from happening that does not conform to the feminine imperative. Because the very discussion is a threat. Knowledge is a threat.

Interestingly enough, the administrators at Reddit may very well be unknowing pawns in this battle. Because we know the feminine imperative frames itself socially as morality, the admin and CEO aren't necessarily making moves because advertisers are actually putting pressure on them, but instead they believe they are making moves because they are moral and right, and that if the feminine imperative is to believed, the business and advertisers will be quick to jump on board. Because it is right.

How could people be so lead astray? We already know that a number of red pillers (or those at the red pill apologetic center purplepilldebate) try to pay lip service to this feminine imperative. I see it time and time again, in quotes like:

"I agree with most of TRP, there's some good stuff there... I just don't know why they have to go so far into that hate stuff..."


"There's some good advice there, but it's ruined by how much hatred and anger there is..."

You know what you'll never catch me doing? Denouncing the anger, the fringe, or any of the extreme elements of The Red Pill. You know why? Because it serves absolutely no purpose but to appease the feminine imperative. And once that sneaky little bitch gets her foot in the door, that's when the race to the bottom begins.

I embrace the anger, and every single dirty fringe idea we have on here. Not because I agree with everybody, no. I embrace it because it is our strength and protection against the feminine imperative. I embrace it because tone policing and topic policing is a race to the bottom. I embrace it because either it belongs here, or we perish as a forum.

People have asked me time and time again if we can remove some of the "dirtier" elements of trp, or change the language to be more palatable to the greater reddit. I have always, and will always say: NO.

Reddit is in a race to the bottom. When they decided the first round of unsightly or distasteful subreddits needed to go, they started the countdown. The feminine imperative will never be satisfied, and will continue its work until there is nothing left. Every time reddit cuts off what they believe to be the worst 10%, a new worst 10% is created.

And that's exactly what the feminine imperative does.

If you haven't already, you may reserve your reddit username on Puerarchy for use on our off-site backup board in case of emergency. We have no plans to move to the new forums unless we are being shut down, but you're welcome to register now!

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