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How to Thrive in Upside Down Clown World

January 30, 2018

I know it was a gradual process but I always wonder when exactly did Real Reality end and upside down Clown World begin? There was a time when females were feminine, art was artistic, education was educational and the media was somewhat truthy. When did this new age officially start?

Well whenever it did, the post-truth age of Anti Logos, is definitely here. Money is printed to fund both sides of wars started on false pretenses. 18 year olds are admitted to universities unmeritoriously to be taught fake subjects to qualify for jobs that no longer exist. Men swipe through fake dating profiles looking for real women, who do their best to look and act like fake television women. Both genders are more isolated and miserable than ever before while believing themselves to be more connected.

Thus if we wish to answer any question about Clown World we must first admit that we are in fact in Clown World and that Real World rules either do not apply or only apply marginally. For example,when an 18 year old asks how do I get into a great university, the Real World answer is: get good grades and do well on the SAT. However the Clown World answer is: submit a BLM MeToo AntiTrump essay, while getting reasonable grades and pretending to be black. Now obviously the latter is crazy. If we were still in 2012, it would warrant a nuanced justification. But we're in 2018, preteen transgenders are completely normal now. So is letting your wife get creamed by strangers. If at this point you still don't understand that you are in Clown World, you are a complete retard who absolutely deserves to get raped by the metaphorical clowns of postmodernity.

Now that we've thoroughly explored the question: How do you thrive in the 2018 Clown World dating market? In 2010 the answer was be athletic, lead the interaction and don't be drawn into bullshit aka keep frame. In 2000 you had to be interesting enough to stand out, maintain a fun conversation and be fit. In the 60’s if you were a wholesome individual with means to support a family, women sought you out. As you can tell the process is getting progressively more competitive.

If you're in the 2018 big city Anglosphere and out of Highschool, here's what you need to know. The difference between women living within Clown World and those without, is that the former are beholden to a bizzaro ideology aka Matrix. This used to be an inconvenience that could be ignored or dismissed. Not anymore. Your primary sexual competition is the Symbolic Alpha. Not only is this entity a cock block, but at any time women can sacrifice your workplace, sexual or marital relationship for cash and prizes.

In Clown World 2018 it safe to say that feminism is a religion. They irrationally believe in an invisible all powerful entity called the patriarchy despite ample evidence to the contrary. They conduct rituals, have holidays and perform human sacrifices. It's fucking batshit. I know. Those are the undeniable facts and as men we have to deal with them. Ignoring or denying the problem doesn't solve the problem.

Keeping frame, being muscular, having a good job are all excellent but they won't defend your vagina person from religious/ideological possession. The only thing that can fight religion is more religion. Modern women are spiritually lost. Unless you offer a potent ideological framework they will default to feminism. At that point you’ll have to throw out the broken vagina person and go through the hassle of find finding a fresh one.

Like it or not at some point in the future you're going to have to perform a feminism exorcism. In other words you're gunna have to bring a bitch from one ideological framework into another. This requires induction of trance, projection of belief and emotional manipulation. Religions have mastered this process over thousands of years so learn from them. While I'm not advocating any ideology here, my advice is to extract your personal methodology from Yogis, Kabbalists , The American Pyramid Scheme Tradition and Austrian painters. All have an exceptional track record of powerful psychological manipulation. Learn from them.

If you wish to thrive in upside down Postmodernist Clown World you have to become skilled at psychological manipulation. Women and Betas don't care about logic reason or facts. Which is why you must rely on rhetoric emotion and induction of trance. I know it's fucking crazy, but you're in Clown World now and those are the rules.

If you're ready to put in the work to make a real change this year, I offer a Red Pill Fitness Coaching Service. Shoot me a PM.

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