33 yo female, biological clock ticking (she actually told me this, lol), must be hitting the wall, after her trying to pressure me into marriage after 8 months of dating and me saying no, she gets all upset at me and starts calling me "subhuman trash" among other things (let's just assume this is what she actually thinks of me without her filters on).


  • Doesn't seem to keep a boyfriend for more than a year

  • Broke up with her once already for being batshit crazy, but gave her "another chance" because why not (she got mad I didn't tell my mother about our 3-month anniversary)

  • Wants children (doesn't have any, at least she's got that going for her)

  • Can't hold down a job - constantly getting sick, triggered, etc.

  • Perpetual victim hood - blames her lack of job, etc. on mental illness and depression (I also suffer depression but I can still hold down a fucking job)

  • No agency "I didn't want to yell at you." I called her a liar because if she didn't want to yell at me than she wouldn't have, lol.

  • "I have bipolar and this illness does sometimes rob me of my logic". I call her out on that most likely she doesn't really have bipolar (It's just a diagnoses given out easily to everyone these days that visits the hospital for no apparent reason, I was given the same diagnosis and I know the symptoms of ACTUAL bipolar (like you know, MANIA) so I know this excuse is bullshit. I call her out about her lack of logic and said it's probably just a women thing, because women are so well-known for making logical decisions

  • "but I'm not asking you to pay for everything" - again, she has no job and her parents pay for everything...

  • "Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes." - apparently calling somebody sub-human trash is one of these "mistakes"

  • "I cook, I'm a good listener, and I give you great hugs" - I can cook on my own, don't really like talking, and don't really give a fuck about "hugs"

  • "I've grown to love you and would really miss you dear" - um hum. Imagine how much more she would "love" me in a marriage

  • "I haven't done anything terrible or wrong to you" -- lol. but I'm sure she's planning on it

  • "I've always been kind" -- until bitch-mode, that is

When I first met her she seemed like a sweet, kind girl with some issues. And she is, 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time is bitch-mode, and that is BEFORE marriage.

Anyway I basically told her that I didn't even want children nor did I want to be her "man slave," doing all the work while she stays at home and pretends to play victim by being too depressed to do anything around the house or anything of value whatsoever.

Anyone here think I should of manned up and gotten married? ;)

Shoutout to slash r slash mgtow . I started out on the red pill but after realizing the true nature of women and the dangers associated with them it turned me off of women entirely.

My plan for self improvement

  1. make C# .net MVC websites

  2. eventually start my own biz

  3. work out

  4. Make my life about serving ME, instead of about serving women

Also, I really don't give a fuck about "being alpha" or any of that other bullshit. I shouldn't have to wear a mask or manipulate someone into loving me, that's why I'm more of a MGTOW who might occasionally date (and by occasionally I mean once every several years).

I'm really not sure if red pill will appreciate this, but I thought maybe someone somewhere could use some laughs...

I may be beta but I will always be more "alpha" than every man that decides to get married, since married men become tied to the balls and endure all sorts of bizarre psychological abuse from women with women trying to "betafy" them...

edit: I'm in "no contact" mode fellas... she's trying to give me gifts, phone me, and email me etc. but I will just ignore it until it goes away.