So according to my top-secret sources, not everybody who uses red pill tactics enjoys the fact that the red pill is the truth. Why should being aware of the red pill make you feel bad in the first place?


I mean it seems like some guys here really hate that they have to acknowledge hypergamy in the first place. Makes 'em feel icky. Bad. Betrayed. Like they got their balls pinched off with philosophy.

Honestly? I guess I could get it if you seriously invested time into making one woman your goddess. To this day I'm not sure what that kind of addiction feels like, but I've seen it happen. It ain't pretty.

But I can't be the only one who was HAPPY to find out about the realness of hypergamy, can I? I was raised under the single momma DLC pack, and yeah, sure, it has an effect. I was basically sacrificed all of my frame in my very first relationship without even knowing it. According to the lore here, it was the kinda thing I never should've been in on in the first place. She had an arranged marriage in Dubai or something, still wanted to sneak around with me without doing anything sexy. It was super lame. I cheated on her in the first 3 weeks, and the thing that scared me the most was that I didn't feel bad about it. I felt that I SHOULD have felt bad about it, but it never actually manifested.

I guess you could say I was a self-aware nice guy, only doing it because I thought that's how it worked. I didn't really think I was nice. I never felt like I'd been led on, just another missed target. Being in college made it easy to get news ones within the hour.

But before I had even heard of the term "red pill", I sensed something was up. I've always been that annoying kid who had a question for everything growing up, and relationship dynamics were one of them. I felt like I was playing by rules I didn't set. I guess you could say that's the reason I hated getting dragged to church by my parents every Sunday.

But now that I've taken a dive into all of these fancy schmancy terms you're throwing around here, it's like a lifetime of relief! It's basically just CONFIRMED everything that suspected before. I don't feel disappointed, I feel validated. I've always known the right thing to do, but I've been held back by these expectations of how to be a "gentleman".

My buddies would always accuse me of hitting on girls when I had no idea that what I was doing gave that impression. Chasing girls was never even something I felt was a burning urge, but it felt "expected". Having them come to me was a lot easier. I did shows around town with a certain niche talent I have on stage, and I never understood why girls would bend themselves over me for it. I don't even think I'm that good at what I do on stage, but it was pretty much how I learned about "value" before "value" was a thing I thought about as a term. I was clueless as to why guys thought so hard about to pick up chicks, when I would just go out on the town and shit would happen. Turns out it was all because of the stuff you were talking about here.

My Achilles heel just happened to be that I'd always shoot myself in the foot by playing the "nice guy" role, which felt extremely manufactured and tiresome. Getting rid of it felt better than the hundred pounds I lost after high school. I felt liberated to put all my energy into doing dope shit unrelated to pussy. Like mountain climbing or kickboxing. Anything that gives me adrenaline from feeling threatened honestly excites me more than sex at this point, though sex is still nice.

With that being said, why all the long faces around here? Why so serious and solemn? You guys are free! You have psychic powers and you're immune to brainwashing! You just figured out that cheating is fair! You guys have basically found out that love and sex are all pretty much a magic trick that you do with your penis in public. Every second you're among females is like a video game, and the the females are "tries", with infinite tries until you're dead. I love this. The game is about power, and ass is like bonus points. Every resource we enjoy is because of someone's sacrifice, and sometimes, that sacrifice takes the form another man getting lied to by his woman.

All of these unconscious behaviors that I thought were "flaws" are actually just energy for my robot testicles. Thanks for chargin' me up!

Lessons learned:

We were pretty much always doing it right before being told we weren't

Be really good at something that that involves an audience, don't be visibly broke, and lots of sex happens

Chill out