Field Report Tl;dr Women want to be treated as property, valuable property.

So I met a woman on Facebook. She lives in Kansas, I live in Southern California. She is a 5th grade teacher, 24, and we both thought we were very attractive. I'm a 23 M. She's a bombshell, big tits tiny waist, big ass of mixed background. We start texting and of course it turns dirty. We start sending videos, pictures, with her doing the majority of the sending. I was a little shocked by what I saw, but damn she looks good so I played along.

Last night we start talking about politics and world views, ethics etc. She asks about my relationship past, I ask her. She knows from my Facebook and demeanor that I am not a fan of LTR's or marriage. I share and post Red Pill truth daily on Facebook, and people eat it up even women. To me, I just want guys to be aware and not be beta pussies that just live their life to the beat of womens drums. It kills me to see a guy defeated by his obsession with women, and to sacrifice himself for them. I just can't watch it!

So the conversation goes into why I don't trust women, why I would never enter into LTR or Marriage, and she asks me why I think the relationships have always taken the toll that they have. Since the chances of actually meeting this girl are slim, I divulged some information that I wouldn't normally face to face, such as the fact that I have had some pretty shitty things happen in the form of cheating with a few women.

Me- How important is physical attraction to you? I dated a girl from Georgia and she said dating me was completely different than dating anyone from where she lives, because guys don't take care of themselves or their appearance there. They're all fat with no style at all. She loved dating me because I had a great body I worked hard for, had style and a personality. She said If I were to move, seeing the hottest women who date these ugly guys would just blow my mind.

Her-Well women connect more on a mental level, We'll take what we can get as long as we feel safe.

We chat about me being cheated on and then

Me- I'm not at all clingy. I don't try and stop a woman I am dating or potentially dating from fucking up, and I feel like they see that and take it as I don't care. When in reality its just that I like seeing raw real behavior in people. And I want to see what they do when no one is around, and they are left to their own decision making process. Most men try and control their women. They limit what they can and can't do, all the while just "protecting them" from other guys and steering them away from cheating. I have always treated women as if they were equal to men. Able to think for themselves and make their own decisions. For example I never tell my girl she can't do something. If she asks if she can go to the club wit her girlfriends, or if she is texting other guys that might just be friends, or posting inappropriate things on Social Media. I just sit back and observe, taking it in all the while, and making my decision to stay with her in the end or not. Most men stop their women from doing these things, no you can't go out without me, why did you post that?, or who the fuck are you texting. And thats why men generally fight the other man when a girl is cheating, which makes no sense to me. He did nothing wrong, she cheated. But because most men view women as a sort of property, like a child, they believe that its actually the mans fault for coercing her to hook up/ have sex with him. Maybe my thinking is wrong but I have never thought that way.

Her-In a way it does seem like you don't care and you're basically giving the girl the freedom to do whatever she wants ha soooo hey if you aren't going to make a big deal about one thing then you aren't going to make a big deal about the next. Although thats a good thing it can also be a bad thing. One of the many reasons guys get friend zoned.

Me- I shouldn't have to tell a girl I am dating not to do certain things. That is just ridiculous, it just feeds into the mentality that women and men just aren't equal. I know as a man not to do certain things because it can make me vulnerable to making mistakes, so I don't do them, when I am in a relationship. Nor do I want to do them most of the time. And If I do I don't because I am aware of what CAN happen.

Her- You're giving her more of a reason not to be into you lol

Me- The girl should have the freedom to do whatever she wants, and if what she wants is to do those things then its a clear indicator she isn't into you. Thats pretty simple math.

Her-Thats not all girls, everyone is different. We all want the same thing but Or in different ways. You seem like a good guy and if you feel like something needs to change then do it.

Her- A video of her finger blasting herself a few minutes later, hehe.

To be honest I am so confused. Not that I should be worried or am worried at all, but I still don't like not understanding things that drives me crazy. Does anyone else agree with my approach? Or is it wrong and women need to be treated the other way around... Be told what to do and have their hand held like adult children, which I am growing more convinced thats what they actually are everyday! What are your thoughts.